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  1. Silver, I think Jaydub’s point is that there really is no trouble. I am in the exact same boat. In 15 years I have had one hook fly, which was my fault. I have accidentally snapped the jaws a few times... No chipping. in my experience, old Regals are great. But I am not discounting Renzettis as great vises, even though that O-ring needs replacement every once in a while.
  2. Ain't that the truth...! 🤣🤣🤣
  3. That is super nice. Welcome back!
  4. You are on the right track then. There are many other guys tying great big predator, bulky, articulated flies on YouTube as well (Monaghan, Andersen, Bauer,...) but Brammer explains everything in detail.
  5. Not sure which one of Brammer’s videos you are referring to, but the ones I suggested (and wrongly named) are the “tie like a pro” series. Brammer is taking fly weight and size to an extreme in recent videos, following after Sedotti’s school of thought that a huge, heavily weighted fly will cast a looong ways by creating its own momentum to counter wind resistance. To me, my spinning rods do a better job at throwing weighted lures a long distance, so that is a fly tying concept that does not interest me at this point.
  6. I read the worst is yet to come for folks up north, while folks down south will be up to 20 degrees above average. Sounds nuts.
  7. Today on the roof, outside the window...
  8. Oh, boy... Pandora’s box just opened... Seriously, though, it has been said time and time again that you can’t go wrong with Renzetti, Dynaking, Peak, Regal and a bunch of others. I tie on a Regal and swear by it because it is so easy to set the hook on it. But opinions... If I ever moved away from my Regal for a full rotary, Peak would be at the top of my list. To me, those are best values. As far as the overall expense of fly tying debate, to me it is almost therapeutic, so it is pretty cheap on the balance.
  9. First of all, welcome! I am glad to hear that saving money is not your only motivation to start tying...😉 You do not have to spend a fortune to get started, but eventually you will want to tie more and more patterns in different size and color variations and the hobby will take a life of its own, if you let it. Since you mention Essox, here is the first nugget: watch Gunnar Brammer’s YouTube playlist on tying predator flies. Then pick one fly, get the materials needed for that and go from there.
  10. Thanks for the encouragement. I do not doubt that I could do ok with enough time and practice. It would just be hard for me to gather the patience/motivation needed for flies that, in my case, would be for show.
  11. So... The marking on the thread faded, but I am pretty sure that it took a little over one foot of BigFly thread to tie an overbuilt fly with hackle tail, some flash and three bunches of reverse tied bucktail on a 5/0 freshwater hook.
  12. Impossible for me to say. Way too many variables for my bird brain. Maybe a pro who ties hundreds of a particular fly and needs to count pennies has a better handle on it than any of us late evening warriors. edit: Next fly I tie, I am going to mark the thread just to see how much I use on it.
  13. I appreciate the video, just like I appreciate what you guys tie and share in this forum. But, the moment he used the fine point tweezers to place materials, I knew this is well beyond me.
  14. “I know it when I see it”... I think that is the same thing a Supreme Court justice said once in a porn case.
  15. Whaaaaat...? What is this frost you speak of, Caloosa? Seriously, I have worn a sweater these last three days only because it probably was my last chance. I could easily take twelve months of this weather. You guys up north can have our South Florida summers.
  16. There you go. Something like that. Thanks for sharing!
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