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  1. I noticed some weakening and discoloration on some old 3/0 UNI a few years ago. Nothing that would make them completely unusable, though. I can’t remember throwing away any of it.
  2. Confirmed: Davie McPhail blindfolded ties better flies than I do with my four eyes.
  3. You guys realize it is February, right? 😉
  4. Niveker, That stalling after filling up was the last thing I fixed. Looked up the codes, started with easy solution first, and voilà!
  5. I am no mechanic, but years ago I bought a cheap OBD II scanner, out of curiosity. It paid for itself many times over on the day It help me diagnose correctly a leaky air hose that I replaced myself. I could not tell you how much more it has saved me in visits to dubious mechanics by giving me a good idea of what might be wrong, even if only generally.
  6. I am taking bets... What is the over/under on Steve 3D printing himself a new house in less than a year?
  7. I sort of missed the Popovic’s craze when I decided that the wheel was a hassle, the epoxy did yellow and that working silicone required that photo liquid, whatever that was. But I have appreciated his creativity a lot more now that we have UV glues.
  8. Nice effect on that scud. And those exactly are some of my points. So, I am thinking about buying larger quantities of the thin only, unless you guys can show me there is a “must-have-thick” application I am not thinking off. By the way, for big streamer heads, I have been using mostly Liquid Fusion. I use the UV only to hold the initial shape just around the eye of the hook.
  9. Of the UV resins, when I use them, I pretty much use the thin formula. I am curious to see what applications you make of the thick formula that would make it indispensable on your bench, if it is at all. thanks
  10. I would not mess with Florida man... https://floridaman.com
  11. That looks like a good day to me, either way...
  12. Put some Icelandic sheep and some simmer fringe in the grinder, and that’s the body on this:
  13. One with some materials I rarely use: Finn raccoon (I think) zonker, Icelandic sheep, badger hackle and a bit of estaz.
  14. If not... At least I like it.
  15. Microscope pics of many types of bugs show you what I understand as buggy. Hairy, fuzzy,... definitely not smooth.
  16. Sunray..., from the UK... Think about it... Something does not jive.
  17. How did you get your name on the camera display? 😉
  18. Nobody would miss a small section. Believe me... Congratulations!
  19. Nice clouser. So clean, almost delicate, but the hook looks the business.
  20. Ouch! Somebody has been watching 45 minute long fly tying videos... 😉
  21. I could share stories, but there is no way to talk about it and not violate the zero politics rule, so everything is JUST EFFING’ GREAT!
  22. #14 is the smallest hook I have, and it probably will catch something, but I am not sure the eye strain is worth it... 😊
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