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  1. Ha! Merry Christmas to me, I guess...! It took 4 days for the Collins package to get to me, from New York to South Florida. Today I received a Christmas card from Huntington, MD postmarked on December 20, 2020. Go figure...
  2. Surf candy variation ... and with dreadlocks
  3. ... And you are not going to share YOUR link?
  4. Not exactly, but I have seen them in Amazon. It is by no means perfect but I can’t justify the price of the real thing for as little as I use it. Back to the OP, I like the idea of a compact bench that closes or slides like Pete’s, but it gets crowded quickly.
  5. Chip bag clip that doubles as dubbing loop tool.
  6. Simpler than that. Sub chenille and hackle with estaz. The mighty schminnow.
  7. Do not know the area in detail, but I know that you can fly fish right off the beach and that I would not go without these...
  8. Not sure I did it justice but this is my version of an old tarpon fly from way back. The original had jungle cock where mine has grizzly tips.
  9. I need to get me one of those white mats. My eyes are starting to complain. This is about as clean as it gets for me: But most of the time it closer to this...
  10. Nice first try! Tightline videos are good sources. Now don’t go crazy. Get this one down and then start trying variations, without any weight, with the hackle back to front and tied by the tip, with no wire, with hackle for tail, etc. All of it will be handy in the future. Waste is going to happen. Do not worry about it for now. Pinch wraps are going to let you keep materials on top. No big deal on buggers since you will cover the whole thing with chenille, but do get the tail tie in right. They should have the same hackle you bought in tons of colors including some grizzly (black and white bars). Would not worry about necks and saddles until you get some experience and know where your tying is going. Finally, and sorry y’all for the long post: Read, read, read, watch, watch, watch and practice, practice, practice. The forum format Is most helpful when you have specific questions. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 10 minute video is worth 18,000,000.
  11. The only problem I see is that you did not buy another one of every material in chartreuse and a third one in orange. The rule goes that anything you buy has to be in threes...😉 Seriously though, you are on your way. That is a nice selection to get started, and what you will learn tying buggers will open the doors to tons of other patterns in the future. One last thing: cut wire with the back of your scissor blades and use the tip for the finer materials. It will go a long way towards protecting one of the most important tools.
  12. I think it will. Only one way to find out, though...
  13. More shelves, you say...? Time for another remodel!
  14. Welcome. I did not start with a kit, so I am partial to the “buy what you need as you go”. But I will admit that a kit will help you keep your new addiction contained as you work through the materials that you have in it. Wooly buggers are great flies to start with. I would definitely recommend to start there.
  15. ...And that’s why wading in waders is ok... 🤣
  16. Pro tip: when you are forced away from your tying desk, continue to look around for materials, no matter where you are. It keeps you calm during social events. The other day I tied a worm fly with the elastic from a discarded mask, which I thought of during a budget meeting.
  17. ...Which, in turn, seems to have a website not updated since 2014.
  18. Thanks. Yes, two mixes. Top one is fox tail fuzz, arctic wind dubbing (the tinsel is in this stuff) and trash bucktail hair tips. Bottom one is just yarn and bucktail hairs.
  19. I do hate fuzzy rules. Either you can wade or you can’t. The wader business sounds like bs to me.
  20. CA. Canada? California? How DO lakes work over there? Do they not hold water?... 😊
  21. You should feel good about that first try. I have tried many and some still don’t look that good.
  22. Steve, you are the only person I know that rearranges their office at least twice a year.
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