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  1. Hard to tell. If I wanted to get methodical about it, I would tie another one with no bend and start testing every few steps. Swim the trailer by itself, then before and after tying the flank. Then after tying the wire to the main hook. Then before and after the flank again and finally before the deer head. Either something is going to give at some point, or maybe you will be super conscious and make a perfect tie. If that is the case, tie another with a hook bend.
  2. Welcome! There are a few of us in here either from Florida or transplants. what made you ditch FB?
  3. Can you post a picture from the front? Maybe it is a very irregular head or it could be flank not being straight, or the trailer hook not riding as it should, or a combination of things. check out this video:
  4. This is what happens when people get the idea that anyone can mix a decent dubbing... Don’t mind the hook choices. Opinions welcome otherwise.
  5. Bimini15

    My new shop

    It is his hurricane preparedness plan. Just blow them the other way... Geeez!
  6. Bimini15

    My new shop

    Correction: I no longer think air circulation is going to be a problem... 😂
  7. I kinda sorta remember that, made with pvc pipe, perhaps? I might be mixing hobbies and thinking of someone else’s table saw dust collection.
  8. Aaargh...! Too much work! 😄 Mine is the old Medallion, which is even simpler than that.
  9. There has to be a way to put together your portable vacuum with Mike Chells desktop trash port. I can imagine a sink drain, flush with the desk and connected to the hose under the desk... Hmmm...
  10. Here is an experiment tied with a piece of elastic from a discarded mask.
  11. Just coming back from the last tying hiatus I noticed my Regal creaked when squeezing the lever that opens the jaws. One drop of oil took care of that, the only maintenance I have ever done to it.
  12. How do you guys manage to keep your benches clean of clippings and all other kinds of fly tying trash? I wonder if someone has a better solution. Maybe I am just messier than most, but putting the trash can near the bench and using a sticky roller is not really doing much. Thanks.
  13. Pete,

    I am back to tying after an almost two year hiatus. I would like to catch up with you and your phlyz.

    Also wondering about Ken. Last I heard was last spring.

  14. Will probably revisit the glue up, but here it is.
  15. I like it. That’ll get some snook too.
  16. Honestly, holidays and all, it is flat out crazy.
  17. Sounds a lot like my PB a few years ago, also in the dead of the Florida winter...😊 Of all fancy flies, mine fell for an olive and white clouser. Again, that’s awesome.
  18. That is a great first picture. Nicely done!
  19. Apologies. I saw that and I did not put two and two together.
  20. Looking for something to do with the waste feathers from a saddle. Two of them under and behind the rabbit.
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