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  1. When you tied it did you use a standard nymph hook? If you did, try a dry fly hook, the difference between the light wire hook and heavy wire hook may be all you need.
  2. On top you can't beat Turck's Tarantula tied 6-10. On the bottom Marabou Muddler's(black), Thunder Creek Swamp Darter(tie this REALLY heavy or the bucktail turns it into a topwater), and Dave Whitlock's Hare Waterpup(black, purple, or natural deer hair). I also like to use BIG(3-4 inch) bucktails, Mickey Finns, Black Nose Dace, etc. Bill
  3. Smallmouth are definately #1 on the list but I agree with jbrowning on page 1 and will gladly catch anything that eats my fly. This year I am hoping to make a concentrated effort on carp. There is a large mud flat adjacent to the inlet of my hometown's mill pond, when I've been out for other species I've seen carp tailing and rolling in there that have to go 30-36 inches. I have heard they are REALLY spooky though so it should be fun.
  4. Hey. Surfed on in today and liked what I saw, so I signed up. Name's Bill. I live in Elkhart, IN and I am currently getting a bad case of shack nasties as every square inch of water in a 50 mile radius is either frozen over or has icebergs to sink the Titanic floating around. Waiting for our mid February thaw to go steelheading is going to kill me, so I surf and tie, then tie and surf. Anyhow, hope everyone else is getting a line wet.
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