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  1. FlaFly- I wish I could say yes. Job search is still hot and heavy and that takes up a lot of my time. :-/
  2. I know this topic is from two years ago, but bless you, Shoebop, for posting this! A guy I used to work with asked me to tie him some similar looking flies back a couple months ago (I know, I'm slacking... Change in jobs, broken vise, fifty other things to do. Kinda hard to tie when you've got a lot going on...) Anyway, all he told me was "Oh, I found this fly back a couple years ago up in New Jersey at a local fly shop. Trout love these things, but I've only got two left." Thank goodness for old posts, right? Now I sorta know what recipe to look for other than just 'buzzers from New Jersey".
  3. Oh, now those are neat! They remind me of the flies my dad pulled out of his tackle box that my grandpa made wayyyy back in the day. (What day that was? I have no idea...)
  4. Hairwing, Yes, I know. And I felt so awful for accidentally hitting it. I mean, I'm that driver that brakes for any kind of wildlife, even birds. But, I guess sometimes you can't help it. The finch in that picture is a little more golden than the finches in my neck of the woods. One of my favorites!
  5. Okay not sure if you're referring to the gun brand, as my dad has a Taurus 40cal pistol? Are you saying you "accidentally" shot a songbird? If so, how do you accidentally shoot something? If not, then what do you mean? he's prob reffering to a ford taurus Yes, she's referring to the Ford Taurus.
  6. I accidently murdered a golden finch with the Taurus on the way to work the other morning. I considered going back and picking up some of the feathers, but I was already late for work.... Glad I'm not the only one who's had similar ideas before.
  7. caswilso


    Oh, now, this is a helpful discussion! Being a knitter, too, I have a ton of yarn stored up all over the place. I have used some acrylic yarn on some flies, but they were meant to be wet flies. So, I'm wondering the same thing as FlaFly. Anyone know?
  8. You asked the right guy about the environmental field! I just graduated from college with a degree in environmental studies, too, and Flafly's brain is a good one to pick on the subject, especially about breaking into the field. Welcome to the forum!
  9. If you go look at the "Look at this huge bass" thread, you'll understand exactly what I mean, haha
  10. That bass sure blows mine out of the water, haha! Hope Italy is lovely!
  11. I'm truly awful for neglecting to check back on this, so sorry! Thanks everyone for the welcome! Bryon, you could've just told her you made your dubbing from dryer lint and that you were being resourceful anddd saving the house from a potential fire. Tony- oh, cool! What part of God's Country are you from?
  12. Tempura trout.... now that might be an idea?
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