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  1. I know this topic is from two years ago, but bless you, Shoebop, for posting this! A guy I used to work with asked me to tie him some similar looking flies back a couple months ago (I know, I'm slacking... Change in jobs, broken vise, fifty other things to do. Kinda hard to tie when you've got a lot going on...)


    Anyway, all he told me was "Oh, I found this fly back a couple years ago up in New Jersey at a local fly shop. Trout love these things, but I've only got two left."


    Thank goodness for old posts, right? Now I sorta know what recipe to look for other than just 'buzzers from New Jersey".

  2. Hairwing,


    Yes, I know. And I felt so awful for accidentally hitting it. I mean, I'm that driver that brakes for any kind of wildlife, even birds. But, I guess sometimes you can't help it.


    The finch in that picture is a little more golden than the finches in my neck of the woods. One of my favorites!




    I accidently murdered a golden finch with the Taurus on the way to work the other morning. I considered going back and picking up some of the feathers, but I was already late for work....


    Glad I'm not the only one who's had similar ideas before.


    Okay not sure if you're referring to the gun brand, as my dad has a Taurus 40cal pistol? Are you saying you "accidentally" shot a songbird? If so, how do you accidentally shoot something? If not, then what do you mean?

    he's prob reffering to a ford taurus

    Yes, she's referring to the Ford Taurus. :)

  4. I accidently murdered a golden finch with the Taurus on the way to work the other morning. I considered going back and picking up some of the feathers, but I was already late for work....


    Glad I'm not the only one who's had similar ideas before.

  5. Oh, now, this is a helpful discussion! Being a knitter, too, I have a ton of yarn stored up all over the place.


    I have used some acrylic yarn on some flies, but they were meant to be wet flies. So, I'm wondering the same thing as FlaFly. Anyone know?

  6. I have been doing a lot of bass fishing this year and I find that I cant keep the small mouth off of brown wooly buggers. I just hang the bugger off of an indicator so it just touches the bottom and fish it dead drift. I have found it effective in both the rivers I fish most often (where they empty into the Connecticut River) and in a lake I fish now and then. It, of course, also works being stripped like a streamer but suspended under a indicator is my favorite.


    Also I have found that, like trout, if a bass spots you it can be spooked and become very careful about what it tries to eat.

    I was actually about to suggest the same.

  7. Thanks FlaFly. Its one of my most productive flies. You should see it 175 miles north in December, its even colder. I saw in your profile you are in the environmental science field. I am currently using my G.I. Bill to take classes online towards a degree in environmental science with a focus on fish and wildlife management.


    Battenkillbum I may take you up on that offer some day.



    Thanks Every one for the welcomes!

    You asked the right guy about the environmental field! I just graduated from college with a degree in environmental studies, too, and Flafly's brain is a good one to pick on the subject, especially about breaking into the field.


    Welcome to the forum!

  8. I'm truly awful for neglecting to check back on this, so sorry! Thanks everyone for the welcome!


    Bryon, you could've just told her you made your dubbing from dryer lint and that you were being resourceful anddd saving the house from a potential fire. :)


    Tony- oh, cool! What part of God's Country are you from?



    So, that's just another fancy name for a bamboo pole, right?


    I've had bad experiences with those... Like, slap-your-momma-in-the-back-with-a-whopper-of-a-bluegill baddd.

    Caswilso ... that's MY philosophy on it. "Tenkara" is just Japanese for "Cane Pole". But don't let the Tenkara fanatics hear you say that.

    Oh, dear, I wouldn't want to offend them, too. Sweet mother, haha.

  10. I know BCT and I have already had this discussion, but I'll go ahead and throw my two cents worth in anyway.


    If you read the introduction forum, you'd know that I got into it because of my PE class for my college curriculm. It just kind of clicked with me. My family and I have always liked fishing (although we don't get to go as often as I'd like to go), but none of us had ever fly fished before. My dad is a hard core spin caster and when he's set on something, he's hard pressed to get off of it (or maybe he just never had the oppurtunity to fly fish, I dunno?)


    I chose the fly fishing course because I wanted the chance to get outside and off campus for a little while. Granted a lot of the casting practice was in the gym, but I suppose you've got to start somewhere if you want to learn to cast correctly. After that, it just kind of stuck and I actually thought it was easier than spin casting. I guess because I'm somewhat impatient and when you fly fish you're always moving the fly?


    It's pretty safe to say that I would have never picked up a fly rod if it wasn't for the class and like I said, the only reason I chose the class was because I wanted to be outside and fly fishing wasn't necessarily a class that everyone was signing up to take. I guess I'm like TheHound. I just like to be different.


    I think what the young people need (and even older people, to be honest) is just the chance to try it out to see if they like it, whether from a friend, a club, or a class.


    And by the way, "A River Runs Through It" is a TERRIBLE movie, in my humble opinion. And they don't even fly fish right....

  11. FlaFly- Hahaha, apparently I don't know how to work a computer either! :) Sorry, didn't realize it was flipped on it's side when I posted it! I'll remember that trick, though, next time I catch a baby bass. I can just see it, though. Having my dad try to take a picture with my phone and then me yelling "Hurry, Pops! Push the white button!! No! No! Not the home button! Got it? Okay, let me see! Uh, why is your finger in the way of the picture...?"


    The turkey feather fly sorta looks like a bad imitation of a wooly bugger, but then again it doesn't. I'll have to post a picture here in a bit and show y'all.


    BCT- No, not technically the first fish off my own flies. But still, I think catching fish on your own flies (whether it's the first or the 100th) is still pretty exciting!

  12. You wouldn't believe the fight this monster bass put up! ;)


    Okay, okay. I know its, like, a 3 incher, but a bass is a bass, right? I caught this sucker off a fly that I pretty much freestyled from turkey feathers (remember that, "These Turkey Feather's are calling my name..." thread over in the Beginner's Corner?).


    Anyway, just thought I'd share the picture because it gave me a good laugh when I pulled it out of the pond.


    (I apologize for the quality of the picture... Pops doesn't know how to work an iPhone camera...)


  13. I really appreciate the advice! I've looked into trying to do another internship position (which, is technically considered "volunteer) at a couple of different agencies because the HR of the agency I really want to work with suggested it, but most of the internships require you to actually be a student... And since I just graduated, well, you see the dilemma, right? But, it does seem like things are going to work out either way. I'm just now starting out, so it's too early to lose faith!


    I have a friend who's sister actually got her start in Marine Biology by doing whale watching tours. She came and spoke to my coastal ecology class once, and the pictures and stories she had to tell were simply amazing! She said one of her gigs was working on a commercial fishing boat. Not gonna lie, I've kinda wanted to try that after seeing all the cool pictures!


    Hahaha, thanks, Mike. I'll remember that next time some old creeper proposes... again. Gosh, I can almost guarentee that y'all wouldn't believe half the things creepers have said to me since I started working as a cashier. Some things I just can't make up. Like, being asked out on a date... to a funeral... from someone old enough to be my father....

  14. Again, late to the discussion, but oh, well.


    As of now, I'm a cashier at a major hardware store. Some days it can be fun, others not so much (think angry customers cussing you out, and dirty (in every sense of the word) old men hitting on you). I just recently graduated college with a degree in environmental studies, so I've been putting applications out there, hoping to break into that field full-time soon.


    Before that, I've worked as an office assistant in a middle school and in an environmental firm. And I've also worked with the state's environmental agency (granted, that was an internship, but it still counts, right?).

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