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  1. Looking to buy some fins for fishing in my toon. The market price for new Force fins is too much for me - though I've heard good things about their performance. I know I could get a pair of the regular Force fins (as opposed to the deluxe models that you can strap over top of wading boots) on ebay, but I don't know if that kind would fit over my boots - which is what I want. Has anybody tried the cheapo alternatives like Outkast? Or would a pair of standard force fins in an XL size fit over size 10 boots? Any info appreciated.
  2. I was in MT the second week of June last year. We stayed in Missoula (where A River Runs Through It is set). Needless to say there's a lot of trout fishing to be had in that area. From what I gathered, that area tends to be more fishable than Yellowstone at that time of year bc runoff occurs earlier here , but some of the rivers could still be high. If the conditions are right you'll have great fishing with the salmonfly hatch (a giant species of stonefly). Contact the Kingfisher flyshop in Missoula for info, they have their own website too - if you wanna do a search. We did pretty well w/ the fishing and had a great time - I can email you some more detail about streams if you want.
  3. Just wandering if any of you have success fishing SJ worms in mid winter. Also, any basic tips or advice on effective rigs for nymphing small, shallow streams at this time of year would be greatly appreciated. Looking to catch some cold weather trout here in NC.
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