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  1. Poopdeck was right. I wasn't really looking for a critique, I was just proud of the critter...lol. And I did mention that it was blurred, nevertheless, as soon as possible I will post a sharp pic of it and then I hope anyone who wishes to critique it, to have at it. Thanks to all.
  2. Thanks for the info. I'm leaving this morning on a trip however as soon as I can, I will try to get a clear pic and post it here.
  3. Sorry the image is blurred and I know the fly is a bit sloppy (darn those hooks are tiny) but I couldn't wait to post this picture. I feel like a brand new parent...lol.
  4. Frankly jbieg, I have no idea if it's correct or not, but I will say it sure looks nice to me.
  5. Lot's of great ideas here. The plastic bag, filled drawer will probably work well for some things for me and the binder with the hooks will too. I have to label everything or I will simply forget where I put things. My wife is the Queen of organized and she just shakes her head at me. If I store it away, I'm in trouble. Again, a lot of great thoughts. Thanks to all Patrick
  6. Mike, I used to live just across the river from you. Patrick
  7. Chase Creek, Those seem to all be great ways to keep things organized. I'm really impressed with the 3-ring binder for the hooks. I could also use that method for some of my non-fly tying addictions. Thanks. FlaFly, Thanks for your response too. Patrick
  8. Obviously this hobby is going to result in the accumulation of large quantities of materials of various sizes, colors, and styles. So my question to those who know is: How do you store, organize, and care for your tying materials and supplies? Patrick
  9. I admit I had no idea there was so much to know about deer hair. Part of my interest in tying flies, is the tremendous variety of flies and the materials to tie them. I'm looking forward to my journey. Patrick
  10. I spent my entire life in central Florida until a year ago, when I move to LA (lower Alabama). Great fishing in FL
  11. Hi Will, I'm a noob here too. Vermont is a beautiful state, just love it when I travel through it. Might get to fish there some day. Good luck with the tying and flshing. Patrick
  12. Thanks to each of you for your help. I'm going to combine the suggestions that Chase Creek, phg, and Rotaryfly gave me, with the list that Flytire provided and start with that. Thanks again
  13. Thanks for the welcome Scott. I'm looking forward to being here.
  14. Since I'm just starting out I thought I would asked for some opinions. I've got tools already, but what I would like to do is stock up on some common items that I should have in my box of tricks. There are no stores with in a reasonable distance to me that carry these materials, and while I could order them online, I would like to have a small stock on hand so I do not have to wait, every time I decide to try a new pattern. I could be tying any thing from a dry fly to streamer to a hair bug. Hopefully I am not asking the impossible here. So with that said, perhaps someone can make a suggestion on the following: Thread: Sizes and colors (maybe a half dozen) Hooks: Sizes to have on hand Hackles: Two or three colors Any thing else you would like to mention Thanks in advance to all.
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