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  1. Mine will go in the mail tomorrow.
  2. I have bought a few neck hackles but it seems like saddle hackles would be the better choice. Could use some opinions here, if you don't mind.
  3. Same thing with a freezer, my daughter has one in her room that will only fit a 6 pack of drinks. That would make a good small freezer to keep in a tying room. It's only about 12" square.
  4. That looks like a pretty neat looking process and gizmo he made there.
  5. I only have 3 types of glue on my desk, super glue w/brush appicator, Sally's Hard as Nail, Glue Goo. So far these 3 have covered everything I have encountered.
  6. Another beautiful rod Steve!
  7. If there is a spot left I would like to get in.
  8. I am definately going to host a swap soon. I really enjoy participating in them.
  9. Vic maybe you should handle this one. I think it will require a lot more time than I have right at this moment. Wish I could handle it but don't want to commit to something and then not make it.
  10. Man that is some beautiful country!
  11. Only one word for that, WOW, AWESOME... maybe two words. One just couldn't discribe it!!!!
  12. If it's alright with everyone I can do this. Fill me in on the what's what of the swap. It would be my first time being swapmeister and I think I read on here somewhere I need to send some info to the mods. Is that correct?
  13. I got mine yesterday, wow had some great looking flys in there. Thanks everyone.
  14. Wow the clarity of the movie is unreal, it make you feel like your standing there!!! That camera must have cost a fortune!! Beautiful place to live, maybe one day I will be able to see it in person.
  15. I tied some the other day with pink biots and some with lime green biots.
  16. Mine are finished, just waiting to get to the mail. Should be there in a few days.
  17. After looking at this rod, now I am chomping at the bits wanting mine!!! If mine look any where near as good as this one, it'll be off the charts!!!
  18. Those look great!! What did you use for the legs?
  19. That picture makes an AWESOME wall paper!!!! Thanks
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