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  1. That B/W picture is so awesome!!! I am going to save it as my background, that is if you don't mind and I have your permission.
  2. Is there a thread on mixing dubbing on here? Say if I get a squirrel or possum, do I cut all of the hair off of it to mix? Use all of the hair off of the skin? Sounds like a lot of fun mixing and matching.
  3. Beautiful picture! I have never fished a river that size before, how do you decide where to fish first? I would be lost as to where to start.
  4. Geat video, I got a lot of pointers out of that one.
  5. I will be headed up there for a couple of dady at the end of October and was wondering about the fishing opportunities? Anyone got any pointers or ideas for me? Can you wade or will I have to get a guide and float? What could I expect to catch?
  6. I'll PM it to you, just in case BreamBuster don't make it by 7:30.
  7. I'm in if it's ok, I'll have to go looking for something to tie.
  8. I have only gotten to participate in two swaps so far. To start with I felt my tying couldn't compare to the other tiers, so I tied multiple flys and then razored them back off. Probably took me 30 trys before I got a dozen that I thought were worthy to be swapped. I look forward to swapping again, it really made me work and pay attention to what I was doing to try to get the best set of flys that I could tie. I have never tied a dozen of one kind before moving on to a different one. I learned quick that MAKES you a better tier, trying to get 12 that all look the same. I never have been a SM, though I could see trying it one day. I know they have a aggravating job trying to keep up with everything. As of right now I have all my flies tied up and mailed off, ready to do another.
  9. How do you see a dry fly that small? At times its hard for me to see a #12. Great looking fish.
  10. One thing I have noticed is big fish like big baits and a lot of the time the smaller fish are just more aggresive than the bigger fish. Thus why more smaller fish get caught. You can bet in every lake or pond there are some big fish of all types. Or at least that has been what I have noticed around here.
  11. Anywhere in the western rivers for me. Never been out there to fish, only to hunt. But I can see that changing in the future.
  12. BreamBuster be on the look out for, a swarm of Tellico's coming in the mail. They left out today so you should see them in a day or so.
  13. Wondering, could you put the skin in a zip lock bag and seal it almost up. Then give a shot of Raid into the bag and finish sealing up. Let it set in there for a day or so. Think that would work?
  14. I almost bought that camera for my wife but ended up with a Canon Rebel T3I. Once again great shots!
  15. My fly is a Tellico Nymph Size 8 Hook- #8 Eagle Claw Thread- Yellow 210 Danier 10 wraps of lead Tail: Guinea Feathers Body: Yellow Floss Rib: Peacock Herl Shell: Turkey Wing Hackle: Grizzley I have my own version I usually make, hope everyone like it. One thing for sure it WILL catch fish, or at least get bites. The catching is up to you.
  16. Wow awsome pictures, what kind of camera are you running?
  17. I like the toliet flushing, when a fish comes up and slams the top I get over excited and jeck it away from him before he eats it! I would much rather see the fly disappear and feel the fish first.
  18. I had never heard of a Davy knot, but now that I have seen it. That's what I will be using. It looks so easy to tie!!
  19. Wow what pretty colors on the rainbow. What kind of fish is the last picture?
  20. Mine came in the mail today. I appreciate everyone letting me swap but I can see from the flys I recieved. I have a looooonnngg way to go, to be half as good as the rest of the tiers here. Thanks for a awesome set flies.
  21. My daughter uses a UV light in her lizard cage. Wonder if that could be used to set the gel?
  22. or maybe not in my lap but in the road. I took off around midday going to hit the river for a couple of hours before work tonight and on my way home there it was. Someone had hit a hen turkey since I had been through 3 hours earlier. Now I am not one to let things go to waste, so I got me a few hand fulls of feathers, most of the tail feathers and a few wing feathers. Got plenty of turkey stuff now to tie.
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