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  1. What size hooks are those tied on?
  2. Go look at Michael's, it's mostly a craft store for women but they do have quiet a bit of stuff that is fly tying worthy. I found all different kinds of feathers and furs there. Most packs are only a $1 and up to $3. Now they are not high quality but they are good enough to play around with.
  3. I am just in AWE when I see one tied up. I don't think I could ever fish with one though, just couldn't seeing myself ruining a beautiful fly. Hats off to you guys that have the patience to tie these type flys.
  4. Mine are all finished and will go in the mail this weekend.
  5. Utyer, you gave me lots of ideas with your reply. Thanks
  6. What is aqua seal? Those do look good.
  7. Just curious, does a high end vice make you that much better of a tier? I mean I can't see where it would, you still have to do all of the work yourself. The vice just holds the hook, how bad off am I?
  8. Well I am down to only one more to go, almost there. If I don't have to order more deer hair to get that one made. Was curious though what do most people use to mail the flies in to keep them from getting messed up?
  9. Thanks for all of the help guys!
  10. It's been so many year since I bought a pair of waders, that I can't remember how to size them? I would normally wear a 10 1/2 shoe, do I get stocking foot waders in that size? An how much bigger would I size my boots than the waders?
  11. How long does it take to tie a fly such as this? It would take me ahh, never mind I don't think there is enough time left.
  12. I will do my best to tie up another one tonight and see if I can get some pictures of it on here. Believe me it's nothing fancy, but it did look sort of cool.
  13. Cannonx4

    Gulf Shores

    A few years ago I was down there and only had a 5wt rod that I used for trout fishing. I caught lady fish, small pompao's and a couple of other types of fish. I was catching fish right there in the surf on clousers.
  14. I was camping this past weekend on the lake and would go out every morning to toss a line. Bass were hitting top water all around me but never close enough to cast to. After the first morning of no luck I went back an tied up just a simple deer hair fly. Heavy bead eyes with a healthy dose of deer hair for a body and tail. I took the hair that had flaired up around the eyes and just trimmed it to look like a small head of something. Now what that was I couldn't tell ya. But the following morning I went out and was just casting randomly, when a fish grabbed it. Turned out to be my first channel catfish, approximately 1 pound or so. Couple of casts later some kind of fish like the fly a whole lot, cause he took it home with himself. I guess 6 lb. tippet is just a little to light for lake fishing. I should have known better. When I tie another one up I will try and post a picture of it. Add a channel cat to my fly fishing species list, now standing 4. Pittiful isn't it.
  15. Man that is one more GOOD LOOKING beattle. I bet the bream and trout will tear that rascle up. The eyes, where did you get those and could you use maybe some platic chain?
  16. I'll have mine ready this upcoming week, I have razored more than I have made. Being a semi new tyer, I don't want to send junk. My best or it don't make the cut, actually it does make the cut, the razor cut.
  17. How do you get the ant red, I understand to use epoxy but what do you put in it to make it read?
  18. Mike if you ever travel to the upstate of SC, by all means give me a holler and I will make sure to get you out on the water. Cold water or warm water, it can be your choice.
  19. With a name like that it's got to be good!
  20. Man, after looking over those links. I didn't know there were that many different colored chickens in the world.
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