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    For me it's fishing spring, summer and part of fall. Then come hunting season that last until spring starts again. Throw in fly tying at night to all of that.
  2. This is some info, thanks for all of the reply's.
  3. If you had to pick 4 color to start out with. What would they be? Also which one would you buy, saddle or neck hackle?
  4. Brevard, that is close to me. I am about 40 miles from there right over the SC line.
  5. I am a Work Process Planner at the local nuclear station. Just started this job last year and love it. Before that is out in the field being a mechanical/electrical grunt.
  6. Very informative video, thanks.
  7. Great looking fly, those colors work great here in the south on bass.
  8. We will definately have to talk.
  9. How much does a rod like this run price wise? I would love one for myself.
  10. Switch I would love to get the recipe for the criket, that thing is awesome.
  11. Looks like I am going to have to take a bugology class.
  12. He may have them curled up in under him.
  13. Man that is beautiful, where is that located?
  14. I am in the upstate of SC. The ones I found were small, maybe 3/8" long. Do they get bigger than this? An did I read you right, these are mayfly nymphs? So what size hook would I tie these on?
  15. Anyone ever seen one of these? Or better yet what is the nymph pattern that would be used to imitate it? I was on the river yesterday and couldn't get a fish to rise on a dry so I flipped over a couple of rocks and this is what I seen.
  16. I bought some hair pieces off of ebay the other day and included was a piece of antelope hair. This is the lightest hair I have ever picked up. Seems like it does weight anything at all, so I thought this would make some great dry's. Anyone ever tied any using this kind of hair?
  17. I hope this is put into a case to look at, because I could never use it. I would be deathly afraid I would loose it. Just how long does it take to tie a fly such as this?
  18. Steffan Wied anyway you could post a picture of this fly? I am curious to see it, we have a lot of grass carp in the Santee Cooper lakes. Some of them will go upwards of 70 pounds.
  19. I've never been in a swap before and I am not even that good of a tier anyway. But if you would allow me to join, I'll give it my best shot. If allowed, my fly will be the haystack.
  20. My wife was wanting to get rid of her standing jewelry box. So I got it and made a storage box out of it. I don't have a picture of it, but here is what one looks like. Works great and holds a lot more material than you would think.
  21. What did you put on the back to make it so shiny? Great job tying.
  22. I have a vise identical to that one, while it's not a Griffin, Regal or Renzetti, it's not that bad for a starter vise. Come with three different sets of jaws for different sizes of hooks, or at least mine did but I did buy it in a set.
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