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  1. I will tie some small,like size 18, purple hazes.
  2. Here in southwestern Colorado the Piedra River is known for its stonefly hatch during the summer, and you can get some pretty good action on the adults and the nymphs.
  3. Im in but will let you know my pattern in a day or two when i figure it out
  4. Thank you!!! I would really appreciate it if you did keep me in mind for your upcoming swap. And I will stay on the lookout for other swaps as well!
  5. Awesome thanks for the info!!
  6. Thanks I will try to login in more often and check for new ones as much as possible!
  7. Hi, I am new to this forum and have not participated in any swaps yet but would really like to. The problem is it seems like they fill up faster than I can get into it. I like to think that my tying skills are good enough for a swap and would really like to join one. Does anyone have any tips or tricks on being one of the first people to get into the swap? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!! Frankie
  8. The Weekly Fly has some good patterns but sometimes the video is not that great. I still like to go there and see what they have though!!
  9. Love this fly! Fish it all the time on the Animas RIver in Durango, CO and it works!! Thanks, Frankie
  10. Just wandering where can I get some of that Deer Creek Gliss N' Glint winging material? Nice fly! Thanks, Frankie
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