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  1. The base does get bulky and it doesn't really allow me to get to the tool caddy behind it.. I'm sure I can make do but having a desk stand mount like the one pictured below or a base would be nice. It is a Giraffe light and I love it. I swapped out standard light bulb for a LED bulb and it doesn't heat up as much during the summer months it could get pretty warm. They are a little clunky but I have yet to find anything to match it. I have a ott light above it but it was too short and the large sewing floor stand version that ott makes was weak. I ended up taking it back. If you don't need the magnifier check out Walmart's sewing section they make a tall LED lap that works great also. www.giraffelamps.com retail is just shy of 200.
  2. Great thread, stumbled across it when looking for info on Doug Stout. I have a JVISE and love it. I would like a smaller base for mine though and like the granite idea. The JVISE desk top mount is very clean the current base is a little bulky for my tying area.
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