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I'm just an avid fly fishing/Fly tying guy who enjoys creating patterns and tying up the classics. I live in northern New Mexico and most of my free time is spent fishing or tying flies. I use a Nor-vise fly tying system (minus the automatic bobbin {I have nothing against it I just prefer the Ekich Bobbin which is my most prized item in my fly tying toolbox]). I do occasionally tie on the standard AA vise, the Peak rotary vise, and hopefully soon the Dyna-King Ultimate Indexer, a vise I've been eyeing for some time now. Anyway, I just wanted to post some videos up, share some info, and maybe make some friends. Also am looking into a online fly tying club of sorts through google hangouts but have yet to make any friends that are willing to connect through the web and tie up flies. There are several ways of doing such things, but I think it would be interesting to tie a bunch of flies, chat, and share the patterns with the world. Anyway best of luck, tight lines, and much gratitude for checking me out.

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