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  1. Hey thanks i didn't get out fishing on my bday this year but thats ok cause we haven't had rain in so long all the trout moved out hehehe. -T
  2. wow that looks like a good time what kinda critter is that fuzzy fly in the last photo? -T
  3. our XP computers here at work rarely crash, I have 2 or 3 users per password change cycle (90 days) that havn't restarted their PC once between password change days. when we were all 98se pc's we had a hard time getting 90 hours of uptime let alone 90 days -T
  4. Tim Smith

    Road kill

    heheh funny you say that, one spring I was fishing at a lake near my old house and this partridge comes up under my feet and starts doing a dance, so i shoo it away with my feet, and it runs right back up at me and does its dance some more, so i put my foot under it and flick it off in the bushes, this makes me crank so it runs at me and starts hoping around very unfriendly like. i'd have enuf of the crazy bird antics so I took off for my car, i get in my car and the bird gets really pissed and flies at my car. and chases me down the road for 50 yards or so. It was possessed by demons or something. -T
  5. You'll have no problem hearing a brown feeding at night, they loose all common sence and throw alot of water around so they sound like someone throwing rocks in the water. I fish top water flies until I get a hit (ive seen brownies come clean out of water and do a cartwheel), they will normally hit a couple times on the same fly, and if they loose interest i'll throw a big streamer. Brown trout fishing at night is a completly different game than in the light. -T
  6. I fish browns at night alot, its best to fish the water a couple times in the day light to get the feel on where stuff is, also take a wading stick with ya so you can feel around for the deep holes. I have a vest with a Co2 inflatable collar just incase i go floating down stream hehee. avoid light sources if all possible, don't shine the light on the water at all, the fish will bolt. I fish by feel and sound and after about a hour out there you can see mostly what you are doing. Big muddler minnows, deer hair mice, wooly boogers, etc are great flies to throw. Get some of those fly clips for your line, its whole mess easier than trying to rety in the dark. bring a pair of gloves too, there is a chance of catching a bat while casting. -T
  7. Peltoperlidae maybe? Common Name: Roach like Stone fly Family Name: Peltoperlidae Feeding Group: Shredder -T
  8. if ya want to read about the Margaree River for free go here http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/mack.strathdee/
  9. heya! tell us what you fish for! salmon? trout? carp? goldfish? being on the opposite coast all i've seen of BC fishing is whats on TV and thats mostly salmon -T
  10. when the law passes they are going to have too I guess, that or quit fishing and take up golf. I can't see it being a bad thing myself. when my last spool of lead wire is gone im gonna look for something better -T
  11. stack of floppie disk drives laptop from the water treatment plant in for repairs chocolate chip cookie -T
  12. I tend to disagree with Bad Karma's opinion of the Mountain dew As the Senior Network Admin for my company I must say that mountain dew is horrid and gives me heart burn like nothing else on earth so when working I like to swill lots of water or 7up but when im relaxing and tying I like to drink Strohs beer or dark rum and pepsi -T
  13. That's only a puddle, it aint deep and you can walk across it yup sure was a puddle and it was about 5 foot deep -T
  14. you can get glass vials with plastic caps for storing them medical supply places or stores that cater to people who pan for gold. (they use em to store gold dust) should have them for cheap http://www.minerox.com/moreinfo.cfm?Product_ID=836 as for loosing colors I was reading that with stone flies if you boil them for a short ammount of time (read seconds) in ethel alcohol they will retain their color. -T
  15. I encourage everyone to take the time to tie up at least a dozen flies. This is a great cause to get behind. heheh edited cause I was about 3 seconds behind bentflyrod with the list -T
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