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  1. weight forward floating fly line , that is
  2. Id like to know what your favorite weight forward fly line is , Is there one that you consider better quality for longer cast ,
  3. Hi thanks for the reply which river will have alot of smallmouths in it , also whats average smallie size in Tennessee
  4. Got a trip booked in july to trout fish in Gatlinburg Tennessee we are from Florida any advice or places of interest to see while we are there . I Would be interested in hearing , Thanks
  5. Kirk would you be able to tell me were you find that multi colored foam that you make these poppers out of . Thanks Banks
  6. Hey Flafly was at Florida fly fishing symposium and i talked with a guy who was making crease flys and he used fabric fusion as a gloss top coat what a great job it did it was super glossy and still soft im looking forward to useing it on my poppers
  7. banks


    I thank you guys for all the replys , I like rubber legs also heres a few others i like the first is fun fur witch i like on my beetles plus it makes the underbelly also , second i cut leg from foam and tie the knot you can cut the knuckles and even put the barbs on the end also you can color design and lower leg , last on cricket which is a daves cricket i use tied turkey feather which i really like the look of them
  8. Whats your favorite legs material , for grasshoppers , crickets , hellgramites , beetles ,stoneflys any bug im looking for some new / old and different ideas for legs , want to hear about materials you use and procedure , what legs are most lifelike and which have the best action and attraction qualitys , all ideas will be appreciated
  9. Thanks FlaFly I watched all his video's . To be honest I wasnt sure about mohawk either
  10. My feeble attempt at a punk rocker hes been bounced around alittle since i made him but i just glued mine in
  11. This is my ZB hopper , I dont think picture does him justice cant see black hackle wings so well black on black ,
  12. WOW Mike thats kinda strange tell you why every morning I clean 4 pools and when the love bugs are bad I screen up hundreds of them every mourning then I walk to the lake 10feet away and shake them into the lake and i sit and watch a feeding frenzy of pan fish till everyone of them is gone , I do this at 4 pools and 4 different lakes every morning you wouldnt think panfish would eat hundreds of them if they didnt like them , but tell you what im gonna do when they swarm next time ill post a video for you
  13. Yes there a mess on cars they will take the paint off if you dont get them off , and they love white they swarm white houses , white trucks, , and some days there that bad you could end up eating a few
  14. If you have ever been in Florida when these hatch you know that there are swarms of thousands of these bugs and i believe that they hatch twice a year and the pan fish gobble them up as soon as they hit the water. This bug is the notorious LOVE BUG the love bug got its name because when the mate they get attached to each other and that's the way they fly around. So i decided to make Zach's articulated LOVE BUG i made it articulated so the rear love bug dangles behind the front one as they do naturally. Any feedback or comments would be appreciated. One picture has swiss straw wings , others just foam didnt decide which I like the best
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