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  1. My fly tying bench a IKEA kitchen. One side for saltwater And the other side for freshwater
  2. Hi I use fluorocarbon for the salty element. A simple one that works well in wind and big flies. 12 feet. 60% 210 cm 0,50 (80inch) 20% 70 cm 0.35 (27inch) 20% 70 cm 0.22 (27inch)
  3. Pattegrisen: a spey shrimp with uv eyes
  4. Hello everyone! Joined and read for a while and just now saying hello. I've been flyfishing for a while now and really do love it. It is taking more and more over my life. In a good way. For the most part I fish in the salty element, but there are some trips to the rivers too. Main fishing takes place in Sweden, Norway and Denmark( Bornholm ), both from land and with trips out with the pontoonboat. So most of the flies i tie are for sea trout and sea bass. I live in Hamburgsund a small town by the sea on the west coast. Looking forward to reading and posting this fall/winter. Best regards Petter
  5. Hello Anyone using Instagram? My photos are about fly fishing from Scandinavia. Mostly after sea trout from land and pontoon boat. Cool to see others on instagram from around the world. https://www.instagram.com/_on_the_fly/
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