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  1. Did just that for the last 3 days. Started with the scud streamer idea, Got the hook clamped down tue night. Walk off and mixed a drink and just sat there looking at it?? Last night I did tie on some beead eyes.
  2. Clousers, Mylar minnows. do some 8s and 10 as well. Jig heads? Ive tied on curved scuds hooks and added chain link eyes. Sparce chartuse / white ?
  3. Kinda like the old top cat cartoons FlaFly. Used to love that comic but when I found out they used zipties I was out!!
  4. With the white and those eyes it looks like a snow monkey.
  5. Boxers for sure! for me.
  6. I will say being from the south that ive never even heard of half the flys you guys speak of. Alot of talk down here about a spoon fly but never got one to work for me??
  7. OH! And I can furle leaders??
  8. Like FlaFly said, It needs those brass lable sleaves. I would ruin it the first time I set my drink down on it. Cool lookin though!
  9. What is it you want to know?? Illl tell ya I say.... Ill tell ya!!!!
  10. On first look it looked like he had an orvis hat on backwards??
  11. JBOY

    I signed up?

    Well then that makes you a part of my history FlaFly!! How cool is that?
  12. JBOY

    I confess

    Being new here and all, I just want to let yall know that I do drink (7&7) while at the bench. I get my best ideas when I do. I also started on a reagle then switched to a peak then back to the reagle!
  13. I guess you could run it through a coffee grinder and make some kind of dubbing? i dont know!!
  14. JBOY

    I signed up?

    Thats cool! I grew up in Irving aswell. Moved there in 1958 as a 2 year old. Fished what was called Barrys pond and twin sisters where the Irving mall sits now. Did and do fish Joe Poole but mostly the brazos or paluxy river. Thanks for the welcome. JB
  15. Took me awhile but I joined this thing. Im in Texas around the DFW area. I am 58 years old and I wont ask about redfish flys!
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