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  1. Hi Flytire. In case you are interested I normally cast my size 30 flies with one of these
  2. Like it Flytire...... Similar to a Size 30 Bag fly I tie for trout fingerlings
  3. Tahnks Cream! Got it and definitely going into my technique folder. No reason why cant be incorporated into a PTN pattern Cheers VB1971
  4. Hey Cream What Technique did you use to tie the legs in? Cheers
  5. Great ties Tom. They'll catch Cheers VB1971
  6. Knowing how to manually adjust white balance is important, especially photos taken under different lighting. I will always take a few photos of my grey cards when out taking photographs. I then set that as the white balance when in post production, copy the recipe and paste it to other photographs taken at the same time under same light conditions. If I don't have a grey card I adjust the white balance based on any grey area in the photograph (clothing, pavements, shadows etc). This means you can take as many photos as you want and not stress to much about the white balance at the time. Concentrate on composition etc instead. BTW I tale all my photos is RAW format and then covert to JPEG Cheers VB1971
  7. Hello Terje Did you use HDR for this photograph? Can you provide more details about the shot? Cheers
  8. A fly I tied to to imitate a mayfly on my River Cheers
  9. A few ties (again tied a while ago but trying to develop my macro photography skills!)
  10. Yes they did lol Great tie retro. Does it represent a caddis emerger or gnat? For trout? Cheers
  11. Hi All Adams Dry and Hopper Tied a while back but have been playing with extension tubes on my DSLR. Just need a portable lighted studio box now
  12. Thanks Steve, I am planning on buying the full auto extension tubes with the contacts. Local camera store has a sale on and supplies both the Keno and the Phottix after market kits which I have read good reviews on. I am assuming depth of field would be an issue depending on how close I can get. Assume I can adjust ISO and aperture and probably use extra light as well as remote shutter and tripod. Cant wait to give it a go P.S Like the idea of the zoom lens from a distance. will give that a go too Cheers
  13. Tanks for he offer Joseph but I shoot Canon. I will get some and use the same combination. Cheers
  14. Hi There, Does anybody use macro extension tubes on their DSLRs for photographing flies?. I don't really want to spend the money on a macro lens just yet as most of my photography is either portraiture or landscapes. If so what lens/tube combinations do you use and do you prefer using them on prime lenses? I look forward to your feedback Cheers VB1971
  15. THE ROYAL WALLY!!!! Apologies for the quality of the picture BUT I am really enjoying the challenge of these Wally Wings!!!! Still have heaps to learn !
  16. I have tied a dozen or so small PTNs (16) in this manner and find it perfect for when the trout seem to be eating smaller nymphs and there is quite a bit of flow in the river. They get down quickly Cheers
  17. Awesome tie Retro. How is this fly meant to sit in the water? Submerged? Do you need a heavier gauge hook? Cheers
  18. Dubbing and post look good mate! You have used hen hackle for the wrap? This would sit very low in the water. I typically use dry fly hackle Cheers
  19. Hi everyone I was given a C&F CFT-60SW bobbin holder with and gravity system for Christmas and more recently was given a Stonfo for my birthday. I am not sure what it is but I actually find the stonfo more comfortable and easier to use (My Italian genes? ) Having said that I also have a Standard short ceramic bobbin holder without the gravity system that I use for wrapping spider wire around posts and very rarely do I break the thread. Once I bent the arms to the tension I wanted it has been smooth as! That would be my second favourite bobbin holder. The C&F is more designed to impress on-lookers. And because I tie on my own in the study.... It isnt necessary. And let me tell you C&F is not cheap in Australia (Disclaimer - I do love my C&F Hackle pliers and fly boxes) Cheers VB1971
  20. Got a couple of 'hotspot nymphs' ready for trout opening this weekend!!!
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