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  1. Thanks for the information. I intend to order some turkey, but in the mean time I will try some of these suggestions. I want to tie some March Brown Nymphs that call for turkey wing case material.
  2. Is there a substitute, synthetic material I can use for wing cases? I don't have ready access to turkey feathers.
  3. I am 71 and new to tying, live in Texas and like to fish the White, Norfork and Little Missouri. Met some other older folks during a trip to the Norfork and the husband had quit fishing due to health issues. They had a lot of equipment for sale, so I bought the lot and have begun. One of the materials they did not have was turkey tail feathers. I wondered if there is a substitute synthetic available that I might use until I can get some?
  4. I fish the Norfork and the White, near Mt. Home, Arkansas. The Blue Ribbon fly shop was out of business when I was there in June and October, but Dally's on HWY 62 at Gassville is great and so is Two Rivers on HWY 5 in Norfork. Just returned from 2 weeks of good fishing on the Norfork and camping at the Quarry/Dam campground. You could also go to the Mountain Fork near Broken Bow, OK. I've not fished it, but friends have and they like it. You would likely freeze in Colorado in November. I was on the Conejose during most of August and a lot of the nights were in the 40s then.
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