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  1. It's fish rising all around... the pacific tarpon boiling...
  2. Thanks... Noted. When you mentioned about it then only I have noticed that the olive hair is quite thick. No wonder i don't feel good look at it. Feel like something is not right but just don't know what it is. I didn't know about it and just like you said, I don't have much options since nearby my hometown there are no fly fishing shop. All my fly fishing or tying material is buy online. So I just cannot simply choose properly the materials that I want to buy.
  3. Hi, Thanks for the positive feedback. Look so simple in the youtube. But it's not really that simple actually. Last night I tied another 4 just for practice session. And so suddenly I have a feeling that I'm going to upgrade my vise to rotary type. It's quite troublesome to tie this using normal vise... and here some action using this clouser minnow... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIUeoSh-7HU
  4. Hi All, Since last week, I've been searching a materials for tying my first clouser minnow. Once I have all the materials, last night, I have tied my first clouser minnow using buck tail for the first time. I would like to call this Olive Clouser Minnow on hook size 2. Initially, I have planned to use chartreuse color, unfortunately the chartreuse buck tail is sold out. Then, after think over and over, I've decided to use darker color but not to dark. So I choose Olive buck tail. For the belly I still choose like the common which is the white buck tail. Most of the fly tying video that I saw in youtube is using dumbell eye for their clouser minnow. I don't know some how, I really love to use black bead chain as an eye for my clouser minnow. It just look great for my eye view and hopefully same for the fish. This morning this Olive Clouser Minnow is tested on freshwater pacific tarpon and it's working fine. Got a lot strike and at last managed to catch one 28cm pacific tarpon. Hopefully this is also work fine on my landbase saltwater fishing that I've planned at the end of this year where between 26th-31st Dec this year. Cheers.
  5. Hi, I'm just make it simple. Took picture and upload it in my facebook account but that picture only me can see it. I don't know some how, feel so lazy to write down on so many things. But, I'm just a newbie anyway.
  6. i've one question... is it ok if i don't want to add epoxy and eye.... and i want to use bead chain as eye... is it still call thunder creek minnow?
  7. I've never tied a dry fly... and this pattern should be my first dry fly that I will tie... thanks for sharing....
  8. Thanks... Will post some of my favorite flies once I've received my new fly tying tools kit soon... but my flies so far don't have a name and very ugly... but i don't know some how, the fish love it... that's more important i guess... hahaha... Whenever I tie a fly, I'm doing my best to think like fish... for example... if you catch a hopper and throw it into water... then the fish bite or eat it... so the question here... is it the fish know that the thing that they bite/eat is a hopper? Even though that is the first time that fish see the hopper... same thing with the color because most of the fish is a blind color... But lately, I really have no idea what to tie... for now, I'm trying to master all the classic flies... there are still a lot of classic flies that I have not tie yet...
  9. Hi, I've done some research and found the fish name at fishbase.org. You may go to the web if you wish to read more about it by searching using the scientific name... malay / english / scientific name Ikan Bulan / Indo-pacific Tarpon / Megalops cyprinoides Haruan / Striped Snakehead / Channa striata Puyu / Climbing Perch / Anabas testudineus Siakap Merah / Mangrove jack / Lutjanus argentimaculatus Kerong / Jarbua Terapon / Terapon jarbua Sepat siam / Snakeskin gourami / Trichopodus pectoralis Sepat ronggeng / Three spot gourami / Trichopodus trichopterus Cheers...
  10. Hi Sifu Dron Lee... you're here too... just found this forum a few weeks ago... it's really good to see you here.... hahahaha...
  11. thanks... i think MJ stand for Mangrove Jack..... very aggressive and strong fish... I caught that on wt2/3 fiberglass rod... really give a good fight....
  12. I think MJ is the saltwater species... but they like to find food in freshwater... they can live both on saltwater and freshwater like baramundi...
  13. Hi All, Is it okay if I want to share some of fishes that I have caught at my hometown, Malaysia... maybe some of it you see it for the first time.... all small... but size doesn't matter... and I'm so sorry, some of the species, I don't know the english name... Let start with the most fish that I have caught... The pacific tarpon... live in freshwater... small tarpon species Haruan... one the snakehead species... This fish is called puyu... small fish... average size 10-15cm for the adult... if you're managed to catch more than 15cm can be consider monster already... Next is the only salwater species I've ever caught. Most of the time I like to go for freshwater fishing.... Baby MJ Kerong... I'm sorry... I have no idea what is the english for this one... And next... the most hardest fish to catch... and I think it is going to be once in a life time. I don't think I'm going to catch others in the future... and I have went through a lot of difficulty just to catch this fish and I have study about this fish diet almost 3 months... and of course the hardest part is to design the fly pattern for this fish... Sepat Siam and Sepat Ronggeng.... I'm sorry I have no idea what is the english name for this Sepat Species... Actually I have another 2 species which are the running water spicies... but I couldn't find the picture... will update once I have found the picture... Hopefully you'll enjoy with this... Thanks and Cheers....
  14. Hahaha... but not all snakehead species has this kind of healing power. Only this one... The Channa striatus species.... So far I only know this species can be found in Asia like Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar...
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