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  1. troutpounder

    I confess

    Your not alone my friend. I do my best tying when I hammered..... Ohh and 7&7s are fantastic!!
  2. Sweet. I only asked because I thought I may have been missing something. I think you are right for small bugs, nothing will be beat a good old hook. I mainly am getting into the tube fly game for summer/winter steelhead flies
  3. From your stand point do you see any disadvantages?
  4. I have a question. I was sitting at my bench last night and I had an idea. I Tied a streamer with a bucktail wing that ran out the back like a big wing. My thinking is that bucktail should hold it shape underwater, so it will give my fly a big profile, than with the marabou it will have lots of movement. So my question is, does my logic make any since??? The fly looks sweet. Ill post some picture later on. Thank you
  5. You actually can fish for steelhead in the Puget sound.... I dont but you can. I do fish some saltwater for sea run cutties, and my tubes will more than likely make there way to that box as well. With tubes you can throw a new hook on if it is damaged, or starting to get dull with tubes. Much like intruder flies. You can tie your hook on in a number of different ways. If you want or need a fixed hook point down, easy, fixed hook point up, easy, stinger hook, easy. They are very easy to tie be cause you have almost no restrictions on size. The tube are long enough that unless you are tying a very long pattern you will rarely use the whole thing no more running out of room. When you hook up, most of the time the tube slides up and your flies last longer because they are away from the fishes mouth, and teeth. You can fish tubes for anything that you are fishing a streamer with.
  6. How do you pronounce the name? You have done killer body work. What do you use for the body? I tie a similar pattern. Basically a parachute adams fly. With or with out tail, depending if i am making an emerger or not. I tie it with purple body, and the trout love it. Purple haze is the name. I dont know what it is about purple but trout love it!!
  7. Nice work man. Id give it a swing or two!!
  8. try getting hammered than sitting down at the bench. It helps me quite a bit when I am blocked!!
  9. I will for sure do that. I also look forward to participating in some swaps!
  10. Man that is a huge compliment!! Thank you so much. I like tying steelhead flies because you have so much more freedom to do what you want. Don't get me wrong I like tying your match the hatch type bugs, but the freedom to just do what you want, is what I really love.
  11. You sir have skills! Nice work man
  12. Thanks man I appreciate it. I literally just bought the stuff to start trying tubes earlier this week, and I have to say I love it. It really isn't the different from any other tying but I think I'm addicted to tubes now.
  13. I am hope for an honest opinion of the tube flies. For winter steelhead. Thank you for your time.
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