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  1. I could have used those back before I got married...
  2. Well, everyone's positive feedback has really boosted my confidence! I'll give the superglue method a try and see how it turns out. J-kno, you apy for shipping and they're yours! hahaha
  3. I appreciate all the comments! I realized my parachutes were a bit on the thick side and tied up a few more with about half the material. I'm all out of dry fly hooks so no more of these for me till I can get some more.
  4. Thanks for the replies, guys! I tied up a couple more with different colors. Hoping to get out and try them very soon!
  5. Thanks, bud! The way you described to finish your flies is exactly how I've been doing mine. Trying to keep the number of wraps down so I don't get a huge stack of thread underneath the hackle. Thanks for the critique, BCT!
  6. I thought the same thing in regards to the hackle's height on the post. But being relatively new to parachutes, I wasn't sure how to tie off behind the eye after wrapping down the post... Maybe I'm over thinking it? Thanks for your critique, by the way!
  7. Messing around with streamers tonight and came up with this little guy... Marabou tail Peacock Herl body Brown hen hackle collars I think it looks pretty good but will the trout think so too?
  8. Here's my first few tries at tying a PMX. Please comment and let me know what you think!
  9. Hello everyone! My name is Gary and I'm a native to Northern California, currently living in San Diego. I've been fly fishing for about 11 years now and was tying my own flies a long time ago when I first got into the sport. Unfortunately, a "friend" of mine made off with my entire fly tying kit and I never got back into it... Until recently... Last month, for my birthday, my wife bought me a starter kit from the Caddis Shop and I've been using and abusing it ever since! Already half out of hooks and completely out of Peacock herl, dubbing, soft hackle, and dry fly hackle. So hopefully after the holidays I can drop a couple hundred bucks to replace all those exhausted components and increase my list of materials. I look forward to using this forum and gaining knowledge from all of you! Sincerely, Sheepdog
  10. If you decide not to deal with shipping to Canada, I'd love to take that vice off your hands! I've only been tying now for about one month. My wife bought me a starter kit for my birthday and it came with a vice but it's not the best one. I'm not trying to step on Thirstea's foot but If anything happens and you chose not to work with shipping to Canada, I'd like to put my ticket in the Jar! This is an awesome favor you're doing for someone! Shows a lot about your character!
  11. Interesting. I've seen how people will marry fibers from different feathers for classic patterns using a couple fibers from each feather. But I've tried that with a handful of different random feathers I have and couldn't get it to work at all like the pictures I've seen. Every time I tried it, the fibers seemed to get bent and wouldn't marry like I believe they should. So that's when I figured you would just use the wingtip that's intact and tie the stem in like on the picture above. In order to marry the fibers, do you need to use a specific feather from a specific type of bird? ie: waterfowl wing feathers vs groundbird feathers...
  12. Hypothetically, if these feathers weren't illegal to posses, how would one tie with the wing and tail feathers of the bird? I've seen many birds whose most beautiful feathers were on the wings and tails but they have the hardest and thickest stems. Just curious how you could tie with that particular feather. What part of a fly would it be good for?
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