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  1. I have no horse in this race- I don't sell them, I could, but shipping is quite expensive. I do own one though. My buddy said the same thing about the tank until he saw it. Sticking a pump and an acrylic tube is only 1 part of the tank. Again- it's simple enough if you want it to be- fill your bathtube or a sink with water. Want to test how a nymph sinks? standard water bottle will work. When you get into dry flies and flies in the surface film- you can't really mimic with with a square shaped acquarium tank. And besides, all of the home made ones look like shit on video haha.
  2. sorry but you guys can't build this with an aquarium. you don't get the same water hydraulics at all. will it give you an idea of what a fly looks like? sure- but save the $20 and just use your sink or bathtub.
  3. I use quite a few of these tinsel body nymphs- in tons of colors. The thing I would recommend first is the basic thread underbody, tinsel over body. The effect will change with every combination, and each brand of tinsel yields a very different result. Here are two images- the use the same exact Veevus tinsel- the only difference is the thread color underbody changing from fl pink to black. Then you get into flies that use tinsel underbodies with tubing over bodies. Here is a caddis pupa with veevus tinsel underbody and caddis green tubing over the top. and then you have combination bodies- with a natural underbody- either dubbing,wire, or woven floss- with tinsel overbodies for floss.Rich Strolis has a pattern called the Shimmer Stone that uses this concept. You can also do the same with flies like the Morrish Iron sally- which is sort of a copper john stone fly concept. Very cool. You use wire for the body, and every 3rd wrap you go over the top material- typically darker. I've done this with darker flash pieces and it looks great. As far as times for fishing them and their effectiveness- I typically fish them deep or in turbulent water. Winter is a great time to fish bright flies in smaller sizes.
  4. Best glue for that and many otehr tying uses ie- doll eyes, etc is Tear Mender.
  5. Two more using the same holographic tinsel. Black and Tan and then Big Horn.
  6. ^ I can definitely see where it's heading. you should check out some blane chocklet body tubing for the head. Cool stuff- and you can even stack a deer hair collar behind it. Here is an articulated fly using some of the Holo Chenille I sell. It is so much different than polar chenille and palmer chenille, hackle flash- etc- because it has some built in body into- plus the added holographic tinsel. You don't need to use as many wraps- when I did a hook to hook comparison- 10 wraps of polar chenille was equivalent to 5 of the Holo Chenille. Has been doing really well oversees for guys chasing pike and musky- plus trophy trout in the US. Rear Hook- Tail- Marabou flash-Micro Flashabou + Polar Flash Body- Twisted Holo Chenille with Schlappen Front- Black Barred White rubber legs Collar- Laser Dub- white Sealant- Loon UV Flow Connection- 19 Strand Beadlon- 1 6mm bead. Connection Cover- White Magnum rabbit with polar flash Body- Silver Holo Chenille then 3 open wraps of white magnum rabbit Head- Laser Dub www.inpursuitoftrout.com
  7. Been taking a break from tying monster articulated streamers and I"m enjoying it. Part box filling, part r&d, part custom orders. Rainbow Warrior using Veevus Thread, Veevus Tinsel, and Jack M's Rainbow Warrior (dark) dubbing then Loon Flourescing UV Clear over the top. Black stone using stonefly tails, d rib, and the new Flymen Stonefly heads- this looks large but is only a size 10 or 12. I tie black and golden stones from a 4-12 Caddis Pupa using Syndicate fly Fishing hook + tungsten bead Veevus tinsel underbody, Hareline Micro tubing over body and then uv2 black caddis dubbing by spirit river- again coated with Loon Flourescing Clear resin Find me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/In-Pursuit-of-Trout-775737565780891/?ref=hl Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inpursuitoftrout/ Website: www.inpursuitoftrout.com
  8. I have not been on this site in a long time- and I"m glad I found it once again and to see it is in good health. So many of the old forums are gone. My name is Daniel Podobed and I own In Pursuit of Trout online fly shop. I am also a custom/production fly tyer specializing in modern/european nymphs and large articulated streamers. Please check out my pages and website for step by step tutorials, videos (coming soon) as well as the shop section with some really cool tools, materials, and gear. For flies, email me at [email protected] I'm also giving away free samples of Arizona Dubbing products- all you have to go is go on and pay $1 for postage. Shop: www.inpursuitoftrout.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/In-Pursuit-of-Trout-775737565780891/?ref=hl Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inpursuitoftrout/ Look forward to learning and sharing what I can by posting flies, and some tying sequences.
  9. So far- some r&d FFFxJohn Collins Variant sculpin Midge Diamond Brain PT Nymph CDC FFF Prince Variant
  10. Here are some of the flies off my vise lately. Keep up to date at my website, HERE or through my FB page HERE Hope you guys enjoy. Sculpin- Tail- 2 tone Spirit River rabbit, black, olive Body- Complex Twist technique- 2 strands variegated chenille, 1 strand crystal chenille Dorsal Fins- rabbit strip Glass rattle for the bump*- can be excluded Flymen sculpin helmet *occasionally I use Senyo Laser dub or FFF Bruiser Blend for a collar behind bead, gives cleaner look. This was a fishing fly though. Midge Diamond Braid PT Nymph Tails- brown pt fibers Body- midge diamond braid medium brown thorax- John Rohmer Arizona synthetic dubbing peacock Wing case- black thin skin wing flash- pearl mylar legs*- when used, pt fibers CDC Arizona Prince Nymph Tail- black pt fibers (no biots Body- John Rohmer Arizona synthetic peacock dubbing rib- chartreuse brassie size over flash- spirit river uv2 dubbing, hot orange tied like thread CDC, Horns- biots
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