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  1. Somehow I knew that was coming. .... walking dubbing dispenser, wow.. gotta tell that one to the wife.
  2. Hey welcome to the forum, I'm a complete newb so not a lot of advise other than "Don't buy the Cabela's Basic tool set" it's not bad for the tools but the vise is a P.O.S. I've looked at the Orvis Ez Rotary vise for $69, and will check it out in person next saturday, but I like the reviews that I've read about the Peak prv-g2 $154 and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Looks nice online and the reviews are good but again I have ZERO experience with any of them... as I'm just starting out myself. Lastly, the Folks here on the forum have been Awesome!!! and they are full of it! Good advise I mean (and links, and videos, and tying patterns)... in fact the only thing I haven't found here are cute kitten videos!
  3. I live on the west side of Cleveland, OH. and to be completely honest I never knew there was an Orvis store in the area. I have ordered from the internet from them in the past but it wasn't until I started searching for a place to learn to tie that I found them. They have a Saturday intro class that is free, so I know what I'm doing next month (they only have six seats so the class fills up fast). I have mostly done my trout fishing in Penn. but have occasionally caught some in Ohio. I never even thought to try for Lake Trout, or Steelhead. I absolutely must fish for steelhead!!!!! and until recently I have mostly discounted some of the fishing area's due to (my belief) that the water was too polluted. While researching the steelhead runs I learned that the Rocky River, Chagrin River, and most of the Cleveland Metroparks get some kind of run from the trout in Lake Erie who then hold inland waiting to spawn. this is then added to by stocking from the ODNR of rainbow trout throughout the area in April and May.
  4. Alright at this point I believe I'm shopping for a new vise, the Cabela's basic which has good reviews simply isn't living up to there name. It has a one year warranty but I'm pretty sure I've nixed that with my sanding. I was able to finally get the post into the base, only to find that the lock nut is stripped and the vise won't hold half the hooks that shipped with the material package. In the mean time I was considering a trip to the Orvis store, need more info but the 40 minute drive might be worth it if I can sit in on a few Saturday classes. I wonder if they have any "loaners"? wish me luck... P.S. has anyone looked at or tried any of the other kits? I'm considering one of these... http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000IAW2IK/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=RJZC95CWOQQ9&coliid=I3C57H5JMK27AK or http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00390K8YG/ref=s9_simh_gw_p200_d0_i2?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=desktop-1&pf_rd_r=11X5CA6G99HRWDBMVD6D&pf_rd_t=36701&pf_rd_p=1970559082&pf_rd_i=desktop Thanks All!!
  5. Okay well, I wanted to start tying right off, but I have been re-introduced to a life lesson: Sometimes spending a little more will get you a significantly better product. I like the Cabela's travel tying kit, and most of the tools seem adequate, but when trying to assemble the vise the first time I found that the tolerances and paint on the post would not allow me to put the vise into the pedestal. Sooooo instead of returning it, (shipping would be almost as much as buying another one), and instead of tying flies... I have been sanding the fittings until I can assemble the thing. it's going slow because I don't want to use power tools and risk taking off too much, but with a little more work I should be tying some San Juan worms and practicing whip finishing.
  6. Okay, I now have in my hands; 1. The Orvis Guide to Beginning Fly Tying 2. Cabellas Basic Fly Tying Material Package 3. Cabellas Travel Fly Tying Kit Okay the travel kit from Cabellas was not as nice as I would have liked but I like the small case. IMHO the material kit was over-priced but I'm anxious... so there. now I'm theoretically ready to tye fly's.... any suggestions or should I just try Brass nymph's etc. I don't know why but I'm suddenly nervous about starting.!
  7. Actually Blackhawk53 was my radio call sign when I was a volunteer for Civil Air Patrol.
  8. Hello All, I just wanted to drop in and say Hi. My father started me in fishing on the small streams of North Central Pennsylvania where catching a legal (7 inches at the time) Brooke or Rainbow seemed to me to be an unenviable task that took ALL DAY! Fast forward 40 years or so, and even after loosing Dad six years ago, I fish any chance I can get and love the tranquility and peace it brings. My name is John, and I have been fishing with ALL equipment since I was about three. (I have the video..lol) and I don't know why but I have never tried tying my own flies. Sooooo I just ordered a tying vise and some materials and the Orvis fly tiers beginner book, I may need some magnifiers also as my eyes aren't what they used to be. I joined this forum in the hopes of making new friends and learning a bit about Making Bait. John
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