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  1. Thanks for the responses and guidance so far. I just wondering because you see these websites offering flies for 79 cents and wasn't sure if anyone had experience with them. Obviously it sounds as though you get what you paid for in terms of quality. A lot of the websites I have looked at won't list the type of hooks they use nor the materials so it made me skeptical of making any purchases. My winter procrastination is going to haunt my wallet this summer. Tight lines all
  2. Hi, Just looking to purchase some flies and was wondering if anyone new some places to purchase good quality flies online. I came across a website called the Fly Shack, has anyone used their flies before? If so how have your experiences been. Thanks
  3. When tying the copper john I was just wondering what everyone's opinion on using peacock ice dubbing in comparison to the peacock herl was. I've had a difficult time using the partridge so I thought using the dubbing would compensate for the legs and the overall bugginess look that I was trying to achieve. I've also tried throwing some wings off the side that mix in with dubbing. Haven't had any time to try them out yet but we will have to see. I'm fairly new to tying so just looking for alternatives. Thanks
  4. Just wondering what the difference in uni-wire and ultra wire is? Outside of price alone why am I paying the extra money? Thanks
  5. Okay a few things to ask. 1) What color of bead does everyone use and why (gold, silver..... and so on)? 2) Has anyone tried the bead vs no bead and found out anything to be different? Do you prefer the beads or would you rather add weight to your line. Thanks
  6. Great post and just what I was looking for. Still looks very confusing at this point and its so hard to find the stuff you need right now in the middle of summer. So I've been doing lots of running around trying to find the right ones. Thanks again
  7. Thanks for the reply's. Great to get them so quickly as well. On an annual basis what does everyone think they spend on fly tying?
  8. Size 4 Streamer Big old fly that I was thinking about chucking in the Bow River this summer. What does everyone think? Right now I think my proportions are off but that will come with experience and everybody's input. The tail looks to big to me right now and the hackle just seems to long, I actually trimmed it, but the first piece I had on broke off when I started wrapping it forward. Thanks
  9. Steeldrifter, Thanks for the link, I just finished reading through it and got a pretty good feel for everyones opinions they posted. Hopefully I will get the chance to stop into the shop today and see how some of these tools feel in the hand. Thanks again
  10. Hey just wondering what tools everyone on here likes to use. I've got some generic ones that seem to be working fine but just looking for some opinions on the type that some of people on here like to use such as scissors, hackle pliers, stacker, etc.. I've been looking to upgrade to some of these higher quality (more expensive) tools and was just looking for some ideas. Thanks All.
  11. Thanks everyone for the replies. I appreciate all the answers and will take the time to look into every avenue.
  12. I like the idea of having a local place where you know the people, but in some cases we all aren't so fortunate so we must resort to the net in order to obtain the materials we need. I guess both scenario's have their advantages. Thanks for the replies.
  13. Where does everyone purchase their supplies from? Is most of the stuff you get from local stores or does anyone look on the internet? I haven't looked into too many internet sites but does anybody have some that they prefer or that they have done business with in the past? Thanks
  14. nice setup everyone, i like the idea with the containers and folders. I think I might just get a two level filing cabinet for the house and then pick up one of those containers if I ever decide to bring anything on the road. Or do anyone have any other suggestions as to what the best way to travel with fly tying stuff is, for just a trip? Nick where did you get that thread rack from? I like it. I can't believe how much stuff some of you guys have, I've just started so there's not much right now which is good because it keeps it clean. Hopefully by next summer I will have the peg boards on the wall and a world to myself. Thanks for the ideas too.
  15. on impulse and what i thought to be a steal i picked up renzetti traveler for 160 canadian. they had it listed at 250 but have some huge four day sale going on at the fishin' hole that it was tough to pass up. although i've only tied three flies to date and none on the traveler yet, i am hooked on the art of tying. i'm just hoping that i can catch a fish on one of my flies before the summer is over.
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