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  1. I got nothing to lose. If I catch something on them, I will tell my friends they do not work to keep them to myself. Hahahahah!!! Thanks, Wdy
  2. Hey everyone, I tied some Rainbow Warriors for a buddy of mine, size 16 with an appropriate sized brass rainbow bead on it. But, then I found some purple peacock in my supplies. Has anyone tried making a body out of peacock herl instead? (Without any flashabou until I tie in the wingcasing.) Or, am I just defeating too much of the attraction of the fly by replacing the body with peacock herl? I thought it might be an interesting wrinkle to the fly. Thoughts, opinions, judgements are welcome. Wdy
  3. I think the tube is actually PVC, not 100% sure. I was just glad it was not an Aluminum rod one that would roll around, or when hit make that clinking sound my Orvis tube from the 90's does. Something different.
  4. Thank you. It has a bunch of amenities I really like! Aligning dots on ferules & reel seat, square rod tube with sock, and canvas cover, plus backbone for days. My technique will have to improve to maximize the casting of this rod so, I like the fact I feel I can grow into this rod.
  5. Well, I stopped off at a fly shop heading to my alumna mater this weekend and ended up walking out with an Echo Boost 3S (9'-8 weight). It's a little heavier then I guess I wanted, but it is a cannon.. The only thing holding me back using this rod to it's full potential is my casting. I think I can throw a size 2/0 kitchen sink fly on it.
  6. Very detailed work! Very nice job. (I'll be in contact soon.)
  7. hello everyone, I am wanting to get an 8 weight rod and considering either a Recon, or the Pro 4x Loomis. Any experience with either or both is much appreciated! I cast the Recon a couple of days ago and LOVED it, but would like to put my hands on a Pro 4x before I decide. Application will primarily be smallmouth with light saltwater duties. (I have read the new 2016 8 weight rod shootout by Yelllowstone Anglers, with a bit of salt.) Thanks, Wdy
  8. I always thought the head attracted the fish. Personally, I didn't really think about the automatic "fake," given to the fish. I like the discussion and will acquire some black heads to mimic the caddis better. Thanks!
  9. Hey guys, I am worried this bead head is too big for this size 14 caddis. It is a 1/8' Orvis bead, any opinions?
  10. Yes, I agree with your rule of thumb, skipping by 2's. My wife's rod was such a good deal and I thought a 5 weight would be a good addition. My 4-weight is an old Orvis HLS one-ounce rod. While, I love the rod, it does not have as much backbone of fish handling power as say a normal 4 weight, or throw bigger flies. Thanks for the input everyone!
  11. Yeah, I have an old Rocky Mountain 8' 6-weight 2 piece, yeah, 2 piece. Ironically enough its weight (2-7/8oz.) is lighter then most 6 weights out today (I guess the extra ferruls add more weight), and I got this thing back in 1993 (when I was still in High School). My 6 weight does not throw the clawdads too well. I had major surgery back in April and for the first couple of months I sat around playing Xbox, and napping and throwing up. But, then I found my old fly tying kit and started tying these bigger smallmouth/bass flies. You are right, my 6 can throw it, but not too well, and I dare not throw a size 2 clawdad in the wind with that.
  12. Guys, thanks for the inputs. To clarify more points more, I think $200 is about what I want to go for a reel. I would like a sealed disc-drag, a lighter reel that is bullet proof. I know most of the smallies I hook will not pull drag, plus using 2X leaders and higher sizes will allow me to lean on fish some more vs trout and a 5X leader. (I have a 4,5 (my wifes), and 6 weight rod to at least get frustrated with if I break a trout off using lighter tippets.) I have held the BVK and Mangrove. Personally, I liked the Mangrove a little better, but I have also read the Yellowstone Angler's 8-weight rod shootout article many times. That's where I read about the Mystic, plus a friend mentioned that to me. The real problem I see with that article, is the limits they used to critique rods as well as application is not the same as what I see I need. So, trying to pull out information towards my application is a little cumbersome. I will probably never need to cast over 60' on the James chasing smallies. So, when they start talking about 100' casts, that's "cool factor," points, but I doubt I will be able to really set the hook that well on a fish at that distance for example. Thanks again for your time responding everyone, Wdy
  13. Hey everyone, I am looking to acquire an 8 weight set-up for larger trout, but mainly smallmouth fishing. I live in Central VA and with the James River here and not that many rivers in the mountains that require a heavier rod for trout I am trying to set up for wade smallmouth fishing. I am looking for rod and possibly real recommendations. I am pretty sure I a going with a Taylor Array reel, but the rods I am not sure about. I am looking at either a Mystic Reaper, TFO BVK, or G-Loomis Pro 4X. Any recommendations, or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading this post, Wdy
  14. Gees! I would chomp that if I was a fish! Thank you!!
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