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  1. Check it out: http://cgi.ebay.com/CLASSIC-SALMON-FLIES-P...1QQcmdZViewItem Looks like a nice one. Seems he's got some loose COTR and chatterer feathers as well as some kori for those of you unable to take advantage of Mr. McLain's generosity...
  2. I've gotten some nice dyed turkey from Jens Pilgaard in the past: www.flytying.dk Not sure if he's got any on hand now
  3. Sweet fly!! Definitely an effective pattern - it's gotten me some nice salmon!
  4. You can also just "zip" the tip into a ziplock baggie
  5. Real nice!! I love the wing construction/composition.
  6. Awesome! Good to see you back at the vise. Can I ask what you used for the iron?
  7. Jamie - I used argus side tail. The "off"side is a washed out, sort of charcoal gray color with some of the same vermiculations or "snowflakes" that the "good" side has. And since it's argus it's got plenty of length. I used that instead of the turkey. Nice job so far btw!!!
  8. Damn. That's a real shame. His family will be in my thoughts. Please pass along my condolences
  9. If it's a "flat" fly, like a salmon fly or a rangely streamer, I use an old CD "jewel case". You pop out the part that holds the cd. I then take some felt from the craft store and cut a few pieces so that they fit inside the case. I use as many pieces as are necessary to hold the fly securely, and then tape the case closed.
  10. Really nicely done, Dave. Never seen anything like it!!
  11. Welcome back!! Love that pattern. No rust visible on this end!
  12. you did that old hook some serious justice with this dressing!!
  13. Real nice Matt! I like the look of the embossed
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