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  1. Thanks for guys! By what you guys are suggesting that I was kind of on point with what I was thinking. Just didn't want to be that guy and wanted to make sure I was being fair to our guide. Hopefully it will be a good two days.
  2. As the title states this is my fist guided trip. My wife and I will be going to the White River in Cotter AR. How do you handle the tip? If they do a good job do you just do 20% of the cost of the trip for that day? I take it things come into play for example if he puts you on some really good fish then the percentage of the tip goes up. I just don't want to come across cheap and I know they put in a lot of work to put you on good fish. Thanks!
  3. Mogup, nice flys! I hope to fish some salt water someday.
  4. Mogup, I like UTC but have had issues with their tread for some reason lately so looking for other thread that I may like to use in it place. Up to this point though UTC is basically all I ever use. Just looking into other treads and seeing what is out there.
  5. Thanks guys! I will try some of the suggestions above. Thanks your comments as well Mark. Never thought about it that way. Made me laugh.
  6. I currently use a lot of UTC thread but it seems like they are having some quality control problems. So I'm looking for thread that is like UTC. I like that you can spin it one way and it cords up but if I spin the tread the opposite way it flattens out. Does any one know of anther thread that has those characteristic?
  7. Thanks for all your help! I think it may just be best to give it back to him and hang it on the wall. Wish I could repair it but I don't want to have 100 or more in a rod that he paid around 90. Thanks again and tight lines to all.
  8. Mike, Thanks, I have wanted to get into rod building and repair for awhile now just have not had the time. I really don't want this to be my first project. Like I said its not that expensive of a rod but my dad loved this rod so hoping to get it repaired and give it back to him for fathers day. Thanks for the heads up. I guess I will see what Steeldrifter thinks about getting it repaired.
  9. Utyer, Yes that is a spinning rod. Sorry if not allowed on here please delete post. Just hoping to be able to get it repaired.
  10. So I posting this here in hopes someone can help. I tried to post it in the Rod building forum but I cannot create an account. So a year ago my dad was kayak fishing with my son and myself and unfortunately he lost his rod over the side of the kayak. I tried several times to snag it with now luck. Fast forward a year later and my son and myself are fishing that same pond and my snags the rod. This Rod is not alot of money but it was my dads favorite rod. Maybe a 90 dollar rod. Should I pay someone to replace the cork? if so about how much will that be? On mudhole they do sell a item that goes over the cork and you use a heat gun to shrink it on to the cork. what worries me is the reel seat also seems to be made from cork or at least a cork backing. I also saw that some people used wood filler and then sanded it down. Would this work? Would it look ok? Or is it to bad for wood filler? Thanks for all your help!
  11. The problem could be the fly line and the leader. You should be using a bass bug taper that is forward weighted for casting wind resistance and heavier flies. Plus you should shorten the leader and it can just be a short straight piece of heavier mono. There is no need for a delicate tapered leader. http://www.floridasportsman.com/2016/10/19/how-to-cast-a-popper/ SliverCreek, When you say shorten up my leader. What length should i try. 5' or so? I believe I'm using a 8' leader right now. Thanks again for your help!
  12. So I picked up a echo base 8 weight for large mouth bass, white bass, and strippers maybe some pike fishing also. I will be throwing streamers to poppers with it. I have a low end 8 weight line on it now and not sure I like the way it cast. I'm thinking about going to a 9 weight line. Does anyone else have one and if so will moving up the weight of the line help? I have been fly fishing for 8 plus years and I'm not a master at a fly rod but certainly not a beginner either and love the way my TFO 4, 5 and 6 wight cast. Thanks for the help.
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