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  1. Ok....for you guys that tie articulated streamers is there a way to tie them that you can get a "S" action out of them that would be comparable to a jointed rapala or a zara spook. I know some of it may have to do with your retrieve but wondering if there is a way to tie them that gives them more action.
  2. Thanks guys I will look into some of the LED desk lamps above.
  3. Ok, so I found out I need some Magnifying glasses or a Lamp to tie small flies. Wondering what you guys like to use. I thought a about a head lamp but not sure. I wear glasses now and my tying desk is also our dinner table (My wife will sometimes refer to my vise as her centerpiece). So I do have to pack things up and put stuff away sometimes. Thought about the Peak Light but 150 bucks is way more then what I want to spend. Prefer LED not mandatory.
  4. I will snap some pictures tonight to post. Thanks guys.
  5. So I have been making wooly buggers for awhile now and have been using hackle from a cape but I picked up some whiting Farm bugger packs and for some reason the last few wooly buggers I have tied I"m getting line twist. Has any had this problem before if so is there a way to fix it. I'm tying them the same way I always have just using bugger hackle. I don't think it is the bugger hackle but not sure why I'm having this problem.
  6. Mc Fly, Are you using standard rabbit zonker strips or are they the magnum strips? Thanks
  7. Great video Mc Fly! I'm taking a trip to the White river in Arkansas and will have a few tied up in hopes a big brown hits one.
  8. I agree Mike, sometimes it like he is grasping for straws to be funny but this one had me laughing from almost the beginning.
  9. I saw this on another blog and thought you guys might like it.
  10. Well I have only been tying for two years now but I have to say I really like my Peak vise. it was a 150 bucks and it will last me a long time. I'm sure there are many good vises out there though.
  11. Nice tie Mc Fly! I will diffidently be trying that one out. I I tried Solarez about a year ago with the Solarez light and love it.
  12. I like it! Thanks for sharing and I think I'm going to give that a shot and try to get some walleye on it.
  13. Not as advanced as some of the flies on here. I love using cracklebacks though.
  14. Steve, I don't think you will be that for from the driftless area. If you like to trout fish look it up. Wisconsin and Iowa have some great trout fishing. Good luck! http://www.driftlesstroutanglers.com/
  15. I struggle with the same problem. My problem is getting them split and getting them on each side of the hook.
  16. Received mine in the mail a few days ago. Thanks
  17. I have been tying for 2 years now. I had a fishing buddy who started tying and when we went on our fly fishing trip we would go back to the camper and start tying up stuff. Been hooked ever since. I told my wife it would help save money so I did not have to spend so much at the fly shop. Now it seems like I'm always buying material.
  18. Thanks for the help guys I will give the suggestions above a try.
  19. I would like to tie up some clousers using supreme super hair. My question is once I tie in the super hair and cut off the length I would like it to be the end of the clouser will just be straight. Is there away to cut it or tie it in that it has more of a tapered look like buck hair would?
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