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  1. I use Dr. Slick and they have been working well.
  2. I use rechargeable batteries for mine.
  3. I have been very happy with my UTC thread. I've never really had a problem with it, in most cases if I have it is because I have put to much tension on the thread.
  4. They look good! Better get out there and fish them.
  5. Congrats Mike and Flat Rock! You guys will do a great job. Glad you are getting some help Steve. I love FTF, I have only been tying for 1.5 years and this Forum has helped a lot. Great group of guys.
  6. Does any one know about this Entomology course? it is on sale right now but I'm not sure if it would be worth it. Maybe I just need to apply that money to books? https://thecatchandthehatch.com/
  7. Thanks Philly I will look those up.
  8. Sorry, I will be fishing for rainbows, browns, and cutthroat's.
  9. I'm planning a trip to cotter, Arkansas to fish the White river late August to early September. This will be by 1st trip to fly fish the white and was hoping to get some advice on what I should be tying up and what color. Thanks guys!
  10. I bought a Peak a little over a year ago and absolutely love it.
  11. Thanks for all the info guys! I will pick up materials tonight and see what I can do.
  12. Thanks Mikechell! What size hook would you suggest?
  13. Ok guys I will be making a trip to South Dakota for a walleye fishing trip and would like to try my luck fishing for white bass with a fly rod with clouser minnows . What color combos do you think would work the best. I figured a white\chartreuse. Money is tight so only can buy so many colors so trying to purchase the must productive colors. Thanks
  14. That is really nice. I have been looking for a used one for awhile now and have had no luck.
  15. 1st fly with resin. Not to bad could use some work.
  16. Thanks guys. I did look at the reviews and I'm going to give the Solarez UV resin a try. I will let you know how I like it.
  17. Thanks agn54, I will see if I cant find that thread and talk to Silvercreek.
  18. I'm would like to start using UV resin but was wondering what would be the best one to start with. I was thinking of buying a Solarez UV resin kit off of amazon. It comes with the light and 3 types of resin which is thick, thin and flex. Would like to know what everyone likes to use or may suggest for someone just starting out with UV resin.
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