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  1. Berry flies, eggs, big chartreuse terrestrials, tiny chartreuse woolly buggers/leeches. Those have always worked for me.
  2. Trout, bass, perch, crappie, sunfish, carp, pickerel, shiners! The mop owns them all!
  3. Alright, to fill everyone in, it seems like my package must have gotten lost somewhere simce it was shipped a while back. I have another in the mail with a bunch of extras for everyone. Very sorry for holding this up. Have a good Easter
  4. Add147, sent you a PM. Please let me know when you get a chance. Thank you
  5. Yep, I did one last year and we got a great selection. I'm in for this one for sure!
  6. One of the best flies ever created.
  7. Shoot, very sorry about that. They are in the mail now, should be a couple day. My sincerest apologies again
  8. Address please, I'll have mine tied up soon. Will either do a bass worm fly or some sort of big dry with an extended mop body.
  9. I would imagine the back sags down in the water with the head floating high? That's actually how I prefer my topwater to look, something about the tail slowly hanging down after a twitch seems to really trigger strikes. Nice pattern, I'm gonna have to tie some!
  10. Did mine ever show up? They should have arrived by now
  11. This was some sort of Tyers Dungeon dubbing. I'll get back on the name. Not the buggiest Ive used per se, but it has micro rubber strands and such in it that I think it makes for a good caddis. I'll be trying it on caddis nymphs next.
  12. Mine are in the mail as well. Should be there soon. I went with a balloon caddis, nice and high floating and tested out a new really buggy dubbing for the body. Hope everyone likes them.
  13. Can't seem to attach the picture from my phone so I'll try again later. I had never done much articulated streamera beforw so I started slightly easier, and did a Circus Peanut in black for a dirty water fly. After a few dozen of those I had 10 I felt good about, and mived onto the Trophy Dungeon in white for clearer water. I probably scraped a dozen attemptes before I got my first good one, and then ended up doing about 3 dozen of them and pucked the best 10. Now I feel comfortable tying the big stuff and have a ton mote streamers for this year, so thanks to easternfly for hosting!
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