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  1. Thanks all for the responses. I'll take extra cash with me just in case, I'm sure it'll burn a hole in my pocket but that is a main reason why I'll be there., That and of course to see some great tiers at work, I'll look for you Peter.
  2. Question for those that have been. Method of payment, Is this a cash and carry type of flea market deal or are credit cards okay for most vendors. I really don't carry too much cash anymore besides an emergency stash and would like to just use the debit/credit card at the upcoming event in NJ.
  3. As far as something helpful to contribute in your plans. I personally do not like the desk on carpet, which is where mine is now. I drop hooks or something it's a real bugger to find for me, The room I'm going to has hardwood floors but thought that if I was going to stay in a carpeted room I i would buy one of those plastic office mats that you'd put under a chair, they're about 4 foot square.
  4. Nothing to laugh at, it's your space...good enough to do what you want it to. I too am taking over a room for tying and computer room once my daughter moves out, soon maybe I think I saw a pig flying on the way into work this morning.
  5. Whatever the new concepts, material and techniques are they seem to be working...beautiful.
  6. Lol, yeah maybe I should have watched the video first, just assumed he used a duck quill. Great method none the less
  7. This technique not only works on the duck quills but it also works on mallard flanks very well
  8. To Bryon, Yeah I get it, I was only having a little fun. I too get much enjoyment out of it, same goes with tying flies that will probably never see the river...I just like tying them.
  9. It's all made of solid maple. I took it from rough sawn from the mill to its present form.
  10. Here's the one I made, I will not be changing anything up besides it's location in the house.
  11. Bryon it may be too late already but if not my advice to you would be to back away from the woodworking now while you still have a chance. I got into it around 2004 for the same reason, to build my tying desk with my own hands. Fast forward a few years and thousands later and I had finally made that desk at probably ten times the cost it would have been to just buy. Yeah my advice to you is to drop that hand plane and run as fast as you can.
  12. Now that's a talented tier As far as my desk is concerned, it's usually a mess on top but it's in my bedroom and I use the bed to lay out materials. The wifey isn't all that happy about this so when my daughter finally moves out there will be an opening for a tying desk that will never have to have its material put away EVER.
  13. Hey Jay, Maybe someday we'll run into each other on the stream and yes, it can be very humbling at times.
  14. I like those patterns as well, really well tied.
  15. Okay good, as said wasn't meant in any way to insult.
  16. How did this discussion get to this conclusion ^^ I'm certain Philly understood my post was in jest and just playing off his self deprecating comment in his own post. I apologize if I hurt your feelings, certainly wasn't meant to.
  17. I really like McPhail's videos also, well made, his explanation and tying make it easy to understand what he's doing.
  18. I'll remember to stop in and say hi...no wait, I'll heckle you from afar while you embarrass yourself,lol
  19. Sounds great, follow that dream before it becomes a regret.
  20. The one that flytier refers to is this weekend in Danbury, that would be closer to me than the one in jersey but it's my 29th anniversary this weekend, not so sure the wife would be that understanding...probably not.
  21. Get well soon, that stuff is not to be played with, my wife came very close to dying from it.
  22. Who's all headed down there this year. I haven't been yet, usually always working or hunting but this year I'm going to make a point to get on down there. I know you can find what you want on the internet but I just want to put my hands on some products first and just take in the spectacle of an exhibit show. http://www.internationalflytyingsymposium.com/
  23. Art on a hook, very nice job.
  24. I do as you Dave, hot coffee and tying. Much to my wife's dismay, My tying desk is in our bedroom and during a tying session I have all my "dead animals" (as my wife calls it) splayed out on our bed. My daughter is moving out soon so the wife already said that the tying desk is moving, I think she's serious, lol. Oh and Thanks to all for the warm welcome.
  25. Joined and lurked for a while and just now saying hello. I've been tying for a while now and really do love to tie fly's maybe even more than I love fly-fishing, kind of strange I know. I live in the Catskill region of NY and really enjoy all the heritage that comes with that. Looking forward to reading and posting this fall/winter. Bruce.
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