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  1. Thanks for this post! Part of my fly fishing journey is keeping a library of related books. My latest addition is Lefty Kreh's Little Library with the exception of one book, A Concise History. Cant get it for under $100 so far so I will keep looking. Someone has it on their shelf and would part with it, just got to find it.
  2. Thanks @WWKimbait looks like this will still be a great resource.
  3. @SilverCreekInteresting, thanks. I appreciate your input and taking the time to explain those things. Man this fly fishing onion is huge, the layers just keep peeling back.
  4. @Fatman, @WWKimbathanks a bunch for your replies. I tend to be hard on myself and I have to remember I am just starting out. Kim does the FAOL site still exist?
  5. I have to work tomorrow on Christmas day and I probably won't be checking in here, so I thought I would say it today......Merry Christmas!
  6. @Sandan, yep it was you, thanks. Any idea what model you are using or are they all the same thing on that site?
  7. @shoebopthanks man. I am hoping for a pair of glasses but I certainly wont rule these out.
  8. I received an early Christmas/Birthday gift from the wife the other day, an Ott Lite with a magnifier on it. I was talking with someone on here the other day, and forgive me I cannot remember who it was, about lighting and glasses and I have a couple questions. I returned the lite today because the arm will not stay in position and it was just a royal pain to deal with, that big lamp in front of my vise. My wife told me to return it if it wasn't working right or not the one I needed. I took it back today and got a more slim line Ott Lite and I love the way this one lights up the fly and it is out of my way, but I am missing the magnifier. The person that was helping me the other day here said he uses glasses/magnifiers from Readers.com, that way wherever he moves his head his magnification is with him and that makes sense to me. Here is my question, are these glasses different from the readers I am wearing right now? Are they actually called magnifiers? Thanks in advance for the help. I promise one day I will be able to help out and not just ask questions.
  9. A big thanks to @Dave G., @feathers5, @Bill_729!!
  10. @WWKimba @niveker @Bruce DeringtonThanks Everyone!!
  11. Thanks @Sandan, when I get back to it tomorrow I may give that a shot. I was hoping to do some tonight but it's not gonna happen tonight, too tired.
  12. Thanks @Sandan! After I was done I thought she was a little skinny. Ill take a shot again at it tonight and maybe beef it up with one wrap of lead wire, that should help fill the thorax out. Thanks again.
  13. Following some of the advice I have gotten from this great site was to try the Pheasant Tail without the bead. I tried that today and I think it turned out better, still sloppy, tail is a little long......but better I think. What do you guys think?
  14. Thanks @Bill_729! I am certainly a list guy and use them for most anything I am doing. I am not so much an artist or even a doodler....I have the drawing/sketching skill of a rock. However, I do like this idea and maybe a I will try it, I just don't want to get hung up too much on drawing. My thoughts are it all comes down to the person tying the flies. Good stuff man and thanks for sharing that with me.
  15. @Sandanthanks for the response and the valuable information. I bought the stuff for a pheasant tail so I may stay with them for a little while. I was worried about a light/magnifier combo getting in my way, I think I will order a set of the magnifiers myself and look for a bright light. I love your tying desk, I need to come up with a dedicated space myself as keeping my stuff in a bag is a pain. Thanks for all of your help!
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