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  1. Thank you! Thanks! Thats funny, I guess they looked like mine. My shop is offering a beginners class in January and I am already in. Excellent resource! Thanks! I took a quick look at it but that is going into my definitely keep list. Thanks again @SilverCreek. As always @WWKimbathanks for the help! Thanks!
  2. @SilverCreek, @cphubert, @redietzthank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback and all of the advice. So much to learn but I think you just build each day on what you learned the day before and keep going from there. Thank you guys for being an extremely valuable resource here right at the fingertips. Gonna read back over everything and get back at it! Thanks guys!
  3. I picked up my new vise, tools, and some materials to tie the Pheasant Tail Nymph. I decided to get good at starting the thread and to learn the whip finish tool. The other night at my shop, South River Fly Shop, one of the owners Tommy took some time with me on these two things and thats why I think I had success quickly with them last night. After I had done those things many times I got bored and decided what the hell, the only way to learn is to do it. With those thoughts I pulled up a youtube video and went for it. They turned out horrible, but I completely expected that and surprisingly I am very ok with it. I learned some things. I will be 50 years old in 11 days, I can't see. I already wear readers but I am thinking I could at the very least use a bright light and maybe a magnifying lens or something. You should never get stupid with the UV Resin, I drowned the first one in it. I wanted the thin or thick from Loon but only found the flow, I am thinking flow means just this.....it flows. I know I could and maybe should have just used head cement but I saw the UV stuff and ...well....I just think it's cool and gives the fly a really good look...not the look of these flies..but in general it gives them a good look I thought. Its a little tough with wings and tails getting in your way while tying, especially when I whipped finished. Like anything else I will get better with time and reps. Don't hurt me, these are literally the first two I have done on my own. With that said, I am a big boy and I am looking for constructive criticism so let me have it. Without farther ado............
  4. @SilverCreekThanks! @chugbug27Thanks!
  5. @MoshupThanks! @skeet3tThanks!
  6. @SilverCreekand @Sandanthanks for the help! I really appreciate it. I will be taking a beginners class at my fly shop next month but I really would like to try my hand at something before then. Thanks again.
  7. Tremendous help! Thanks so much for posting a ton of great information. Scott
  8. @SandanSorry, I forgot to post. It was a great day! My guide was a really good guy and helped me with a bunch of stuff. I caught a Rainbow, a White Sucker, and some small fish I think he called a fall fish. I also hooked what he said was a much larger Trout but I lost him. The local Trouts Unlimited was meeting a stocking truck around 3 pm and my guide asked if I wanted to stay for that and I said absolutely. My trip was half day but we fished all the way until 3. The truck showed up[ and I got to assist with stocking 100 Rainbow Trout into the South River, that was really a cool thing. I went and got some dinner and headed back to the shop for the tying event. The owner of the shop set me up with everything and sat beside me and would teach me each step as we went along. We tied Wooly Buggers and i really enjoyed the heck out of it. I looked at the clock and It was 8 pm, I live 1.5 hours away from the shop. It was a very long day and I was exhausted when I finally returned home. I think I am hooked.
  9. Thanks everyone for all of the great information!! My fly shop is starting a beginners class in January and I have already got my name on the list, I can't wait! I am picking everything up tomorrow and I am pretty excited, I'll let you all know how it goes and maybe post a picture of my new tools tomorrow.
  10. I am going to pick up my new vice in the morning with tools and I am going to pick up some supplies as well. I would like to tie a simple Nymph pattern and was wondering if anyone had a supply list so i would know what I needed to pick up. My fly shop is going to help me out as well but I thought I would ask here too. I feel pretty lucky to have my shop and then this forum. Thanks in advance!
  11. @nivekerI am really liking the format you have come up with for One Note. I wonder if this would work in Google Drive? @flytireI really like your system as well! I am not retired yet, 3.5 more years, but I am sure this system would work for me. Thanks for sharing it sir. I am going to do something to keep track of what i am tying, I just don't know what yet.
  12. Thanks @WWKimbaand thanks @niveker!
  13. Thanks Sandan! I went with the Regal Revolution Stainless Jaw Vise, got the tool bar and all in a custom orange color. I shouldn't need another vise. Maybe the big game head if I get into the saltwater stuff like I eventually want to. I talked to one of my buddies today and he told me he would keep some deer hair/tails for me. I can't wait to get started, I should pick up my vise on Monday.
  14. Thanks @Sandan! I really appreciate your input, this forum is so helpful. I bought a vise today and I swung for the fences. Buy once cry once. Thanks again my friend.
  15. Thanks @WWKimbaI will check it out!
  16. Thanks so much for the informative response, it was very helpful. I purchased a vise today but I didn't go cheap, this is a personal preference thing I guess. I will never have to buy another one and if I wanted to sell because I find out this is not for me i'm sure I could move it. I am surrounded by hunters and thought that I could use some material from deer, birds, turkeys, etc. I really appreciate the information and the time you took to post it.
  17. Thanks for the response, I will check that out. Thats what I want to do is make sure that I am tying consistently, for myself only, but I want to do it the same once I get it right. So much info out here it will probably take me the next decade to digest most of it never learning all of it.
  18. Anyone keep track of what and how many they tie? Since I am just getting started I thought that might be a cool thing to do as well as helpful at times with a pattern that you may have forgotten how you did it or what materials you used. If you do this did you just make a journal or did you locate a more formal format?
  19. Guys thanks so much for the advice. I had read somewhere to just pick a couple patterns, buy the supplies for those, and focus on getting them right just like you guys are saying. I think tomorrow I am going to purchase my vise and some tools as well as some materials with the help of the guys at my shop. Thanks again for the responses, this site is a very valuable resource.
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