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  1. Thank you, gentlemen.
  2. I used these years ago. What's the general opinion on the best leader attachment method? Chaz
  3. How long does that take you to build?
  4. I'm in north Augusta. All I need is a recommendation on thread and adhesive.
  5. Rats........ maybe a mod will move this for me, my apologies
  6. I have ordered some hook keepers for some of the rods I use. What good basic thread wrap / glue would I need to attach them?
  7. Or I miss and get a fly bomb in the face.
  8. Well done....I like seeing the dog walk in the creek. Is the first fish a creek chub?
  9. ....from the guy who won't use a leader LOL
  10. So if you were recommending a tapered leader for my fishing style, what's a couple of starter numbers? I'm a freshwater, southern panfishes / bass guy.
  11. Alaska - ice fishing please
  12. What does the "X" refer to for tapered leaders? Thanks Chaz
  13. Or.....that could be a giant penny!
  14. What sort of shoe do you wear with these?
  15. Anyone have a lead on hip waders that aren't a rubber oven?
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