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  1. I used these years ago. What's the general opinion on the best leader attachment method? Chaz
  2. I'm in north Augusta. All I need is a recommendation on thread and adhesive.
  3. Rats........ maybe a mod will move this for me, my apologies
  4. I have ordered some hook keepers for some of the rods I use. What good basic thread wrap / glue would I need to attach them?
  5. Or I miss and get a fly bomb in the face.
  6. Well done....I like seeing the dog walk in the creek. Is the first fish a creek chub?
  7. ....from the guy who won't use a leader LOL
  8. So if you were recommending a tapered leader for my fishing style, what's a couple of starter numbers? I'm a freshwater, southern panfishes / bass guy.
  9. What does the "X" refer to for tapered leaders? Thanks Chaz
  10. Or.....that could be a giant penny!
  11. What sort of shoe do you wear with these?
  12. Anyone have a lead on hip waders that aren't a rubber oven?
  13. So, in this example, the leader is made up of 8 sections? If so, seems like a lot of knots....
  14. I'm afraid I don't understand leaders in general, much less a furled one. I saw tippet material in cabelas the other day, is that only used on the fly end of the leader?
  15. I have fished with a fly rod since I was 15 years old. From the minute I picked my friends rod up, I was hooked. I have never, ever, ever fished with a real leader. I've used a mono line of course, but would like to entertain the idea. I see they are composed of multiple sections of line. Or I see you can buy them tapered. For my needs (panfish, bass) what recipe would you recommend or pre manufactured leader? Thanks, and sorry to have to ask such a basic question. Chaz
  16. I have a few fly rods, I believe I use a 6/7 wt floating line. I primarily fish local creek / rover for panfish and bass.....heck, anything that will bite LOL. Make a trip once in a blue moon to the mtns for some trout fishing, but that's rare. What are some good mid range line brands? It's been a while since I changed mine so I'm behind the curve. I think my last brand was Scientific Anglers. Thank you. Chaz
  17. I appreciate the great information here, a lot of my confusion is now clear. And, yes, I'm sure not everyone is happy with XXX vise, but those that are aren't writing reviews, they are tying.
  18. Me too part of me feels guilty for even looking at a modern vise. This one is 35 years and still kicking. I had a buddy give me a Thompson clip on and it went back in the drawer in favor of dad's invention.
  19. Hello, This is my first post....figure I'd start out with a really dumb one! I've tied since I was 15 years old. Started out using needle nose vise grips. Then my dad crafted a more formal vise using a tap wrench inserted to a wood base, and I have used if off and on since then. I'm now 50 and picked up my old box of materials to get back to some of the things I enjoyed at 16. I tie freshwater, dries, streamers, caddis, and used to sell poppers in high school to classmates who had never seen anyone tie. I used to get my supplies from Tackle Craft in Wisconsin; they are now closed. So I'm looking for a new vise. I see that now rotary's are popular, not sure they existed in the 80's. Anyhow, I have noticed some rotate on the hooks axis, and some not. Soooooo, couple of questions: Why did the rotary get introduced? The axis rotating vise seems more practical to me, or rather, the non axis seems clumsy. Are there any good reviews of the sub $150 vises? Anything to stay away from? Thanks in advance, Chaz
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