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  1. There is always one hallmark moment or day or night on these trips, that night might be yours . And if it keeps on comin then all the better ! That one rainbow on the dry would have satisfied me for the entire trip if I got nothing else. We got some football rainbows around here in one particular pond that turn on in the fall chironamid season out around Oct. That fish reminds me of some of those.
  2. I've been on trips like that, my 4th finger on my right hand would basically seize up and I knew I needed a day off from the heavy casting. Like you, rest in the day, maybe go get an ice cream someplace even if it meant driving 25 miles each way lol ! Then later just work a single pool in the evening with short light casts drifting the eddy line with a stimulator or something. A couple of times I got fooled with some 21" or so salmon on a short 7 ft 4 wt. Ya know, it's quiet, it's still and it's great just being there fish or not, knee deep in water casting over the run into the pool and a head pokes out and grabs your fly, ain't nothing like it. If you don't break your rod down wading out of there the bats come along just after sunset and slap your rod tip. And the pool I'm thinking of was a river wade to get to, maybe a 1/4 mile or so.
  3. One year in Maine where I go the biologists tagged some big trout to gtry and find out what their travel plans were like lol, with tracking devices that is. One brook trout was 5lb. That fish went in and out of the Moose river 5 times during the summer months and mostly lived in the depths of Moosehead Lake in the warmest weather. Basically the only thing that stays in the river in the mid summer is some young salmon, they season over for a couple of years then they migrate as well. there are a few resident salmon that hang out right at the dam in the deeper part of the pool there, as smelt and deep cool water run through the turbine there. Some small mouth have started entering the river these days, that whole area was free of bass back in the day but some got planted illegally and it's taken 30 years for them to multiply and take root. Same with the Kennebec river. Anyway, enough of my story ! Looks like you got it going on out there Steve, enjoy the rest of your trip even if you've had to kind of engineer a plan to be in certain spots at various parts of a 24 hour period. It's all good when you're out fishing.
  4. Hah ! My eyes changed from one season to the next back around 1992-1994 or so. The good news is considering the time passed my eyes aren't too much worse, though I do need magnifiers to tie flies now.. Just drug store +2.25 or there abouts. Nice little smallie. I haven't been out this year, I don't have a lot of steam to get going in the aftermath of my wife passing back in Dec. Normally I take my boat or wade sometimes too at a 4 mile pond here where this time of year the hexes should be hatching at night. I often get the remnant of the hatch at first light or otherwise early morning. That's something to think on too Steve if you get those hexes out your way, it seems every fish in the pond is up on those things and some are huge fish too.
  5. That last hurrah right near sunset is always the best !! Way to go Steve ! Then what I like to do is just as I can barely see to tie on a final fly put on a big black or purple marabou streamer and cruse that through the pool, sometime the fish of your dreams will grab that then.
  6. Enjoy your trip. At least it looks like you have some water, the stepson on his way back from norther Maine right now found a trickle up there. This time of year the flow is generally tapered back from 4000cfs or even more to mid 2000cfs, this year they started at 1000. I pray for rain for those folks up there, that's a bad start and being so dry is tough on wildlife and potential fires.
  7. Ya know, I don't think I've ever caught a fish using straight antron dubbing for hares ears and it's not like I haven't tried.. The blend has promise though, there are conditions where it seems beneficial.. For me day in and day, I prefer the natural because I've had the best results fishing with it nearly everywhere in average conditions. You learn ways to get it on the thread, it's really not all that big a deal. And if you want a little sparkle wind a thin gold rib into the nymph. I do find that to help quite a bit.
  8. With the green I like that tame natured contrast of the wraps for a change.
  9. My first vise was a non rotating chrome Thompson of which I do not recall the model but was thinking it was an A in chrome, and my now 47yo stepson still ties on that vise ( he ties some dry flies, elk hair caddis or simulators, but mostly streamers and woolly buggers). He's had it since his teen age years, so over 20 years plus my time on the vise prior to that makes it a very worthy investment.
  10. I haven't but I do have the same iteration of their 102 Supreme. Having switched to H#H for my two main vices simply because I had certificates to get them, I tied for 25 years on that 102 as my main vice and still keep it in my travel case. So when I go to Maine and tie there I'm using that vice. It's still good, the rotating tolerances were never great and still aren't but in function it works fine and it holds hooks fine. I know that doesn't help you with the Crown lol ! Their Crown I imagine is the same as the rest of the Crowns out there. These are all made in India fwiw. But the jaws on my iteration of the 102 vice still hold today. I can recommend that on the sheer longevity of use I've gotten from mine. Maybe someone will be along and answer your question more directly about the crown.
  11. I've tied them with bucktail, in fact started out that way and caught some really nice salmon on those too. Calf tail is traditional, it lends it's own look. On mine the hairs are pretty short and also slippery to tie in but I do prefer that look. Lately I don't split the wings though, I just do it post style as if to tie a parachute fly but I tie them traditional other than the post wing.. I believe I've used antron too many moons ago. It's an awesome fly. I tie them only size 10 or larger and drift them over fussy big fish in the middle of a caddis hatch ( yes I know that makes no sense) and had those big fussy rising salmon grab one. You know the fish, that one in the pool that only showed himself three times in 4 hours of fishing but you know he is there. Wait a few minutes before the sun drops out of sight, set up a drift just short of his position so you don't line him, then let out that extra 3 ft of line so the fly lands up stream and will drift right over him and sure enough he nails the RW. Set the hook hard and hang on.
  12. Was thinking the same thing "Blue"Gills !
  13. I like down locking seats and 5 wt rods so this is a win win for me !!
  14. Screens can fool ya, teal usually has some green in it. Whatever the case, the black blank makes it work for me.
  15. To me, probably just me, fiber softness is far more important than feather length or exact barb length. I know it's better looking to have perfect feathers but the fish like the movement of those fibers. My most productive woolies are tied from the cheapest ugliest darkest grizzly hen skin you ever saw. I picked it out of a barrel at a fly shop and paid my $8 for it and caught some of our biggest salmon in Maine on our trips up there from flies tied with those feathers. I pride myself on my ugly wooly buggers for up there because they have gotten big fish when other flies failed to get any fish at all.. On that skin all the feathers were short, all the fibers long, the whites weren't very white and the black was muted dark muddy blck and that's fine with me, I'll probably never find such a perfect skin again and certainly not for $5-$8 !
  16. It looks good. If you're uncomfortable with FE though then maybe next time try Bears Den and specifically ask for Scott. He keeps some of his prime skins of various sorts off the racks in drawers by his desk station. He is very customer oriented, if he doesn't have it will get it. They are all nice folks in there. He has some beautiful Jungle Cock skins there usually ( this stands out to me because my wife drove there and bought me one for my birthday a couple years ago, God bless her she went home to be with the Lord now).
  17. I've used the peacock herl and soft hackles ( usually roughed grouse) here in spring fed Cape Cod ponds several times for rainbow trout up to 17" or so. Usually in the spring before the midges start showing up. Fished wet and deep on sinking line. Good fly. That, woolly buggers tied with peacock herl bodies as well and small size 18 or so GRHE were my staples in early spring or even now in late Feb if we had open water.
  18. Bears Den used to sell a Wapsi brand skin of small hen or even cock that is soft enough and small enough for soft hackles, I use that in natural color for my soft hackles most of the time. And it's only $10 or so. I haven't been there in a while but kind of can't imagine they dumped this line. Grouse feathers are good for soft hackles too but I haven't grouse hunted in years , getting low so I turned to that Wapsi idea..
  19. I've tied these in size 14 and 16, use thread, floss and even thread with a very light dubbing on it. Used partridge, ruffed grouse and little natural hen hackles ( chicken) for the soft hackle. Guess what ? They all caught fish, every rendition. So in terms of fish -ability I don't worry about it. But if you want the traditional fly as a historic venture or whatever, silk thread is the right choice.
  20. The real point is do they care ? To find that out go fishing with your flies. If your flies get fish then it seems you win.
  21. The drug Celebrex helped my wife with her arthritis a lot. The only side effect is if she had other kinds of pain she couldn't take ibuprofen for that. And believe it or not diet change took her from sleeping at night sitting up with a neck brace on at age 35 to a pretty ordinary active life till her death at 71. The two things combined, that drug and diet change, changed her life and She gained all those years of fairly normal activity. The diet is different for each person, you got to find your triggers kind of like how gout is. So she went to a full fish, rice and chicken only diet and felt the improvement in the first month. Then added in other foods, anything she added that made the arthritis flare she took off her grocery list. Huge triggers for her: Black pepper, all citrice products, raw apples but cooked were fine, certain dairy products, a steady diet of eggs but she could have some now and then. So in the end she wasn't cutting all that much out. We ground our own pepper corns made from white, green and the little red corns pepper corns and really it tasted as good if not better than black did.. Just sayin. By the way, the diet change wasn't her idea, she had a book written by an oriental doctor who had been wheel chair bound with arthritis and over came that through ancient way, simple fish and rice diet. He got out of that wheel chair so the story goes..
  22. Thanks guys, it's appreciated ! Now on to Steves thread my news seems to have derailed it.
  23. Thanks Pat. Actually I have a scheduled appointment with my cardio doc this month anyway and blood work to get done for my primary that I just hadn't seemed to get around to. So between those things my health will be addressed. I'm starting to desire getting out a little now, I am riding my exercise bike although short times but fairly regular. by March or so I may even wet a line, we shall see.
  24. About 80miles from here there is a little river that looks a lot like that. Land Locked salmon run up there out of the reservoir below when the water is high and rushing. And it has resident brook trout. My wife and I would take rides up there every so often on a Sunday afternoon, she would sit in the car and read or knit as I made a few casts enough to satisfy the urge. But she just passed on Dec.20 so that's off the table till I figure out my new life direction. Pretty spot, good reminder of good memories Steve !
  25. I always prefer wrapping under the body than to use a bead on nymphs size 12 and smaller. I think they fish better and catch more fish in my experience. Especially so for the Elk Hair Caddis ( my most proven/trusted/versatile nymph). Just my opinion but to me at least, beads suck. I've proven it to myself time and again. There is one exception and that's black tungsten beads. And I tie one gigantic black/grizzly/peacock herl with a gold bead or black brass bead and that fishes great in low light or early morning gray days. But for the average nymph I pass on the beads. To me, beads turn more fish off than on.
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