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  1. Poopdeck, some people go out of the way to be victims(just watch TV news)..i guess it puts them on some higher moral ground..at least in their minds.
  2. I couldn,t agree more, Bruce..i almost rather ty than go fishing(isn,t that sad, lol) and if i get the itch to fish i just go to a farm pond and play with the bluegills and they almost always want to play..i got rod building to tinker with too..i got this silly idea to throw big bugs on short powerful rods taking most my time now.
  3. I think many fly tyers just ty to show what can be done and not really to be fished..i have some of Cohen,s flys and i would never fish them just show them..
  4. If it has wings, it usually will spin..maybe try heavier leader..for bugs this big 20# leader is not out of the question
  5. cars at one time were only black..that ended when she started driving..lol..is she fishing too?
  6. i may be wrong but i heard rod length was upped to 10 or 11' for BASS tournys..i think you can doodle sock now..live bait is probably next..
  7. Mike W...i always look forward to seeing anything you ty especially hair bugs..lots of imagination..just keep doing what your doing..i sure don,t see any problems..no one makes perfect flies..i should know..lol.
  8. Steve, you ever try tenkara in that small stream?..maybe an 8' tenkara..you would probably need split-shot to get down..they are pretty fish..and they look so tasty..lol.
  9. R-Money, try this, soak it in some water for about an hour to see if it changes..natural hairs will change some like yak hair gets more krinkly especially after it dries..synthetics don,t change at all, idon,t think..i forgot to mention that yak hair is so long that it will have cut ends like that to make a fly..plus it,s real easy to stagger the length like that..
  10. It sounds like you already know..just look for a fine synthetic with a little krinkle and length or are we looking for a certain VARIATION..lol.
  11. Yep..if that isn,t bucktail i,ll eat my antlers..lol.
  12. Yes..20% is not bad and being a little denser it might transmit vibration a little better..it fits the pocketbook a little better too..thanks Steve.
  13. That,s interesting about burnt cork..i would have been tempted to make it all burnt cork..lol. is it heavier than regular cork and as durable? Thanks..
  14. Steve, curious about the grip..what is the material making up the front half of the grip..i can,t see any rings but i can see pits..thanks..
  15. Hi Denduke, maybe i,m ancient too..lol..i was just wanting to see how big a pullback could be made compared regular deer hair..as you can see there is a big difference..for fishing i much prefer the clipped hair bugs but tied with moose hair because it stays very crunchy no matter how soggy it gets..i think this crunchy feel is what keeps the bass holding on longer and i need more time anymore to figure what,s going on..lol. regular deer hair turns into a soft mushy clump in a short while..actually i blend in some dyed deer hair with the moose(about 25%) to give it a little peppery look and save on moose hair but the bug still stays crunchy..i can feel the crunch when squeezing out the water..it never gets mushy..as for durability, i don,t care, i don,t sell, and i can just ty another one or more..
  16. Denduke, i guess your asking about durability and i have no answer because i never fished them but the moose hair is much tougher than whitetail, i have not yet cut through moose hair with the thread when flaring it and i use 6 to 10# fireline and lots more pressure than on deer hair..the pullbacks are much quicker to build than clipped bugs too..i just tied these up to see what they look like not use..i know that sounds weird but that,s just me.. i forgot to mention that i brushed on a light coating of super glue on some of the pullbacks and i,m sure that toughened them some..
  17. Steve, great idea..i,m sure you know that cutting the butt section makes for a slower action..did you start with a fast 9' rod..i,ve cut one piece rods, never thought of cutting multi piece rods..Thanks.
  18. Retro..i love your V-10, can,t wait for V-11..
  19. LOL..i thought we agreed all flies were a varient..so why call your fly a varient of whatever if whatever is a varient of another varient..just name your fly..as Lefty said it,s all BS in fly tying..lol.
  20. flytire, all the flies a have ever tied are varients..i can ty 10 maneeyaks and no two will be alike..i have just tyed 10 varients..maybe i should call them Maneeyak V1, Maneeyak V2, etc. to keep the purists happy...nah!
  21. Flytire, all the devil bugs are pulled back deer hair but if you want to make much larger devil bugs try moose manem and they are all quick tyes..
  22. my favorite bass bug is made with a moose mane body and yak hair wings..i just had to call it The Maneeyak..i just did not have a choice..lol.
  23. so what, i tyed the darn thing..it,s my fly, and i can call it what i want.. that,s part of the fun..it may be the only fun i get considering how poor a ty it is..lol.
  24. Aren,t just about all flys a variation of some former fly?
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