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  1. Good points all and thanks for the pattern ideas.
  2. Hi Brad, To address the most important point first. Red wine is rarely out of my reach. Now back to flies and vices. I must admit the Norvise is the one I am leaning towards. And thanks for the fly recommendations...I have so much to learn.
  3. Hi All, New here and to fly tying (well sort of). I am an Englishman living in France, I used to tie a few flies, back when I had time to go fishing, that too I have not done for about 15 years. So I have got back on the horse so to speak and am about to start tying again. As I am a little rusty, I have two questions for you all. 1, I have bought myself a Danvise to tied me over but I do like the idea of spinning (once I get my hand in again). So I have my eye on two vices, the Norvise and the A.R.E. Roto-Vise, the latter being half the price. Can anyone give me feedback on either please? 2, Is there a consensus on which are the best 10 flies patterns to start tying that are easier to finish with quality as a beginner? Thanks.
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