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  1. From an idea of Lee Wolff. Mustad hook 94833 - size 16 Pictures could be better.
  2. elleg4


    Look, when I say that I feel like I am in the third world of fishing I don't say it a derogatory way; I jest pointing out that our choices are very limited in confront to other nations: France, Italy, Spain etch. I am fluent in most European languages, I serf the net constantly for new products :80% of my fishing materials come from abroad. Did you eve see this hook made by Mustad: 10872 Maru-Seigo? I tie most of the tenkara and classic flies......I buy that hook in Sweden Thank you and have a great day
  3. elleg4


    Let me reframe: they American Kamakatzu representative "will not and will never consider to import certain hooks design including that one to tie the tenkara flies
  4. elleg4


    I buy the Mustard hooks I need in Sweden, some TMC in NZ When I lived in Europe I used only Mustad (spade or eyeless)
  5. elleg4


    Sorry for the answering so late to all the questions. I was VERY frustrated when I made my statement. Indeed Mustad, Gamakatzu, TMC, etc. but only limited models; none for Tenkara fishing or spade/flat hooks. For the people that fly fish with a horse hair line I recommend spade hooks and, to protect the line, make the hook "softer" so it will open so to release a too large fish. As soon as possible (how to properly use a video camera) I will post a tutorial how to make a horse hair line that will last you a lifetime. Thank you.
  6. Duco cement +acetone very thin= 2 coats 1 or 2 coats Hard as Nails (blue bottle) I use Copic marker airbrush system to color the popper
  7. elleg4


    I am living in the hook third world!!!!! AFTER I TALKED WITH TIEMCO, MUSTAD AND GAMAKATZU HOOKS USA ........SO SAD!!! It is not true that you can't teach a new trick to an old dog! I am 72 old and I am avid flyfisher. I started with an horse hair fly line (I still make them) to the most modern equipment. Gamakatzu and many other companies make the most beautiful hook designs but the American representatives refuse to import them! I will post some flies tied on hooks I buy all over the world but in USA.
  8. Make your own leader? .........is there another way LOL? I started to fish 65 years ago (in Italy), I never owned a reel (of any kind, till I moved to USA in 1972) and the line was made with horse hair. I still use horse hair line and the rod, the "Valsesiana",that was made for me in Italy. Back to the leaders. When I fish like in the modern days, I make my own leaders. Among the lines, in mine opinion, the best of all is Maxima: the only problem is that the diameter of the line in the same spool is not uniform. You might say it that has a memory, but there are ways to make it act like "Amnesia". I am totally against extruded leaders because if the river (particularly during spring) are full of debris: in a knotless leader they all end on the fly; if you have some wind knots they don't get tight and very easy to undo. Furled leaders bring me back to the time of the silkworm guts (Hemingway's Indian camp book).
  9. I use 3 clipped on a shelf above my desk......LOVE THEM. Great for pictures too!!!!
  10. It has been more than 10 years that I use hot glue in tying flies. These are few example:
  11. Good looking flies!! I was using "catguts" some time ago but now I use surgical gloves round rim. I tie the fly with the same technique used to tie the "Shark Caddis" ginolaghi
  12. This is a size 20 emerger that I come up some years ago and never failed me. Now it is the only fly I carry, tied in different size.
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