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  1. Mark Knapp I will be fishing those for trout. I never tried them on panfish, but they are heavily weighted and will sink to the bottom quickly.
  2. Mark Knapp, my 3 weight , 10 foot euro nymphing rig. For swift water trout.
  3. I consider myself a beginner even though I've been tying ugly flies off and on for over 30 years. Just got back to tying after a very lengthy lay off and I have been on a perdigon kick for the past month. Starting to get the hang of it and ready to get on the water and give some of them a try. I've also been off the water for a couple of years due to some issues with my legs, so starting to tie again is getting me charged up. Just some phone picks.
  4. I'm not a complete beginner, but I've been away from fly fishing and tying for several years... Work, golf, cycling all got in the way for a while. Started back to fishing a few weeks ago, but tied my first flys in ten years yesterday, during a rainy Saturday afternoon. Just some midges to get back into it and knock the rust off, but I used them today and caught several trout on one of the patterns..... Very rewarding to catch fish on your own flies anytime, but today was a bit special. Looking forward to some more time at the vise.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome... Neglected to say that I live in the upstate, right outside of Greenville. Do all my flyfishiing in NC.
  6. Note of introduction. I've been flyfishing off and on for years, but recently returned to the sport after a 9 yr absence. Don't know why such a long break really, just have a lot of hobbies and work has been pretty intense. Anyway, I'm back to fishing and along with that, back to tying. Sold all of my tools and material years ago, so I'm in the process of restocking. Slowly picking up a few things along the way and tying some simple stuff to knock the rust off. I look forward to learning from everyone here and hopefully I can pass along something useful now and then. Thanks for having me. Barry
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