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  1. Thx. You guys are great.
  2. I am looking for a pattern for a fly called Captain. Dry or wet. Any help much appreciated. Thanks. Pat Hogan, Snowflake, AZ.
  3. The last barbed fly I ever used was in 1983 and it ended up in my upper lip. I had to go to the doctor to have it surgically removed. I have used smooth-jawed pliers like the ones in the picture above ever since. The only thing is that you have to check the integrity of your hook point after you carefully squeeze the barb to a rounded attitude (rather than flattening it). If you hear a snap, it usually means that you have fractured the hook wire under the barb and it will no longer work. Be careful doing this, but do it. It facilitates release fishing better than anything else. I will say that fishing barbless requires different thinking when ya got one on. You really have to keep the pressure on or the fish can get off. Oh well, there's plenty more fish. I've certainly lost my share but I was gonna release em anyway.
  4. I lived in Mammoth Lakes, California for 31 years. The olive Matuka was THE go-to fly for all lakes and impoundments in the Eastern Sierra. I tied for a few of the local lodges and guides for quite a while and had to tie more Matukas than all other patterns put together. Once you tie a few of these you get real good at it and they are worth having a LOT of in your fly boxes. Most times I am out-catching everyone else on whatever impoundment or reservoir I am fishing. I use a float tube, 9 1/2 foot Sage and a sink tip line to get the fly down. When folks see you catching 35 or 40 fish to their one, they all wanna know what you're using. When you show them, the next question is if they can have one. Sure. I end up selling a lot of Matukas where ever I am fishing. The best part is what the folks are willing to pay for the flies.... They KNOW they can't get one in their local fly shop because there is NO fly shop anywhere near. My point? Matukas are very worth your time to learn how to tie. I use pearlescent mylar tinsel for the rear of the body followed by red wool for the gills, 2 brahma type feathers for the wing, thin gold wire for the rib, all on a size 14 #060 dai riki hook. Oh, and I always squeeze the barb; ya gotta make it easy to release em, you'll have to release a LOT of them with a Matuka. Just sayin....
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