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  1. Sure PJ what the heck I'm almost done with a dozen as it is....I'll drop over and post.
  2. OK I'm bailing on this swap. Just not much going on here right now, I'll try this swap again later this fall. All the best and I will pm the folks who had interest. 2 people in over a week will not cut the muster for a swap. Best Regards,
  3. Oh Heck I can change the due date, how 'bout Oct 1?
  4. OptiVisor, I DO NOT like desk mounted magnifiers they always seem to get in my way and they take up valuable bench space that I could have cluttered with even more fly tying materials and scraps.
  5. Vic you are in, just watch your fingers on those para snares.
  6. Well the Hoot Owl rules are back in MT and so is my tying time. Here is the deal; the fly must be a parachute design based on a fly of your choice, ie it must have a wing post and "hackle" tied parachute style. The fly can be a pattern already tied in para style, an adaptation of an existing pattern, or even a whole new idea. The only caveat...it must be a viable trout fly. All normal rules apply! NOTE: if you want to participate in this swap the flies must be shipped in a crush proof container (small tin or hard plastic box) and you must include a self addressed STAMPED envelope! Please do not throw money in the envelope and expect me to sort out the postage! Participants from out of the US just pm me and we can arrange shipping. Flies will be sent out when all flies have arrived or a maximum of 7 days after the due date so plan ahead and get em in on time. 1) Snorider sparkle para trico #24 2)Vicrider, triple parachute hog snare 3)Idaho RC 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) We will start with 10 people so tie up 10 flies. Due date Sept 1. Don't Bail out on this one. Cheers.
  7. I just hosted my first swap here and I must say with a couple small exceptions everything was done on time and to spec, Lot of good people and extemely skilled tiers here. This is the internet and unfortunately there are quite a few flakes in this environment and it only takes a few seconds to type " I'm in" . That said there are a whole lot of good people for every flake so do your swap, and follow flytire's advice, if they are late and don't contact you just ignore them and send the packages back a one fly short.then report them.
  8. Well after a week filled with the joy of kids and stomach flu, I finally got them in the mail. Thanks again to everyone who participated and big thanks for all the extras guys. Tight Lines and a summer full of evening caddis to you all. Michael (Pica)
  9. Well guys I have all the flies sorted and ready to go they will leave on monday. . No time in my crazy schedule to take pics hopefully someone else will oblige. Great patterns and once again thank you all for the extras. Regards
  10. The final two sets of flies arrived today! Thank you to everyone for tying up excellent caddis patterns and a big thanks for getting these in on time. I will photograph and sort these next week and get them back out to you along with a special extra fly as a bonus.
  11. Two more sets of flies arrived today thanks add147 and jjs89yj. Two sets to go and 2 days till Moms day. Thanks to everyone who got them in on time. The other two sets are in the mail so I should be able to get these out next week.
  12. A truly innovative set of fly tying/ engineering masterpieces arrived from Vicrider today! And a second set of october caddis emergers to use when the batteries go dead. Thank you sir!
  13. A nice set of flies arrived from J.M. today thank you sir! Just over ONE WEEK left to get flies in on time folks. I am not going to extend deadlines on this one; we have a trip planned so if they are over 7 days late your flies will be returned to you after I return from the south. Thanks again to all that have gotten them done. I sent messages to everyone except add147 who has disabled messaging or has a full mail box? My wife and I went out to the lower Madison today and caddis were everywhere!
  14. Two sets of flies arrived yesterday Thank you flytire and jollyred. Bob and JM I'll let you know when the mail man gets them to me thanks Michael
  15. Thank you! I will let you know when they arrive.
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