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  1. This is a shocking, tragic occurence. I first met Ian many years ago at a sportsman show I put on in Leamington/Kingsville where he was tying flies for us as an attraction. A fabulous tyer, great personality anf writer as well. Still have his book with me and he also wrote for my outdoors magazine. His flies in my house will be treasured forever. Tight loops Ian. RIP fisher.
  2. I figure the way I tie right now I will only get a few throws out of it and if some fish is fool enough to have a go at tit's a win for me. I like using materials not found on everyones bench and it's good to hears like taking chances also on one-off experiments. Thanks for the replies and I'll let you know if it works in about 4 weeks. Appreciated.
  3. Has anyone here used chenille pipe cleaners to make mice flies for bass & pike? I made a couple today using easy wrap pipe cleaners (2 connected for body mass) and an elastic band (redish orange) for the tail with plastic double connected beads for eyes on a number 3/0 hook. This will get a workout up north this summer.
  4. You wouldn't want to see my flies, they'd open me to ridicule and possible banishment - hoping to do better which is why I'm here. Hi London, close to home here in Kingsville, you know, the armpit of Ontario. I love that frognpic as my avatar (think that's the term). Thanks for the welcome - great to be here. MTM
  5. Glad to be here and to be a part of this community. I'm a much published international outdoor writer of some 26 years from southwestern Ontario. Though not new to fly tying and fly fishing, I am recently retired and now devoting more focused time on both. With the help of knowlegable members I look to become more proficient at both. Thanks in advance for assistance that may come my way. Tom
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