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  1. Flytire, thank you. I didn't know till now Hard as Hull had a thinner. Silver, thanks for the information you provide. Very helpful as always.
  2. Hey friends, I know I'll get a quick straight to the point answer here, so here's my question. I use Hard as Hull head cement, and lately it seems to be getting thicker to where it is getting difficult to use. Can I just add a little bit of water to it and stir it up to thin it out, or will that hurt the integrity of the product?
  3. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I was wondering if anyone wears latex gloves when tying with lead wire? If so, is it difficult to tie wearing them?
  4. Reals simple question: is the bird flu affecting rooster hackle supplies? Lately for the last couple of months I have noticed my local fly shop having less and less rooster capes and saddles. They stopped ordering Whitings 100's. Some of the big box stores are having less rooster hackle. Chicken and eggs have risen in price because of it. And compared to last year at this time, egg nog is limited. All due to the bird flu. Is this just my imagination, or is the lack of rooster hackle due to this?
  5. I checked to see if this has been asked, and I have a feeling it has, but I couldn't find it. Has anyone tied flies with Collins or Ewing hackle brands? These are two brands I am unfamiliar with because I have never seen them here where I live. If anyone has used them, how do they compare with Whiting for quality. I have read each companies web site, but naturally they are trying to sell their product, so of course they will talk it up on their product. I would like unbiased honesty. What I did like was Collins offers both cape and saddle together at the same price as a cape or saddle separately from the other brands. And a return policy that seems very good. So you get more for your money and a good warranty. Any advice on these brands will be appreciated very much. Thank you.
  6. Old age comes at a bad time. I read all the posts on this topic and here I was thinking I was the only one with issues. Hang in there guys, were all in this together.
  7. Hello new found friends. I don't know how I found this forum, but I'm glad I did. I've been tying flies for a few years but am no way an expert or an artist at it. But I have never had any of my flies come apart on me and they all have caught fish, so I must be doing something right. I fish the waters of the RMNP and love the Cache La Poudre. Though there are times I will travel afar. I know I can learn many things from the knowledge all of you have and welcome your advice and opinions. So get ready for questions that you may have already answered 100 times already. LOL.
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