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  1. outdoorsmansparadise.wordpress.com feel free to check mine out. I have others, but this is just a general one. Haven't updated it in a while but plan to blog more regularly starting soon now that things are slowing down a bit. Wordpress is great.
  2. Hello Again, My wife and I are traveling home to Ohio from Hawaii for a visit with family. What basic bass flies do you recommend I tie up before heading home? I'm assuming some popper?
  3. Here are a few flies I tied up last night. My first attempts at the amber shrimp and the gotcha (all for bonefish here in Hawaii!)
  4. Wordpress. Free unless you upgrade and rather nice.
  5. All, thanks for the replies. I've reached my limit. I have been approached by a local store about selling these in their store, so I want to be sure they are of quality construction and also to ensure the guys in the PHWFF program are being taught correctly. Everyone has their own opinions on things, but a tried and true design always eases your mind.
  6. Mike, is my 5 wt rod suitable for Wilson, or should I bring an 8?
  7. Thanks guys. Its a blessing! All PM's have been answered. Give me just a few days here and I'll have them out to you. The few I've tied for myself have been much nicer than stock knotless leaders, especially casting into the trade winds.
  8. Hello All, Very new to the forum. Fly fishing has always been my passion outside of God and my family. Here on the military establishments in HI, I have taken on a program called Project Healing Waters. We take Wounded Warriors out fishing. We also teach them to tie basic flies and leaders. Having said that, I'd like to send 5 free leaders out to the first 5 to reply to this in order to get feedback. Please PM me specs of what you would like and Ill build you a leader to your liking from hard Mason material (all we use in the salt, sorry!!!!) Just trying to gain some review so that I can ensure these guys are being taught effectively. Thanks and God Bless.
  9. Mike, I am. Stationed here at KBAY with the USMC. This place is a blessing. Haven't ventured over to Lake Wilson just yet but will soon. Been too busy chasing the Bones and Papio. Summer fishing is in full swing here. I'm going to upload some photos soon to share.
  10. Thanks for the tips! Tonight (Hawaii Time) I'll try the Krazy Glue on the head. Other than that, I'll just focus on nice, tight wraps. I'll post some photos tomorrow.
  11. Hello All, New to the forum. What an awesome place for a new tier such as myself and others. Question, I live in Hawaii (here with the Military) and have been fishing bonefish flats frequently. I recently began to tie my own flies (mostly Charlies, Gotchas and similar patterns.) I've got the tying part pretty much down, but when I go to whip finish with my tool It seems really loose and by gently running my fingernail over the whipped thread it will pop loose. Any advice?
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