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  1. Thanks so much everyone, I have a couple more questions I hope you can answer for me - This traveller I have is a few years old, it is solid metal except for about 3 - 4 screws which look like nylon or plastic. It is good to know that they are really hardy vises. Can the Traveller take commercial fly tying? I now also have a older Danvise as well and wonder which one of them will stand up to the "crunch" better. Someone said that they changed the standard jaws with a cam set - what are these and are they expensive and where would I get them from? I also tie Saltwater flies as well for a local shop, will the Traveller handle these? Or do you think I should use the Danvise for that? You guys, thanks again for answering and have a really wicked Christmas won't you. Jeanne
  2. I have just recently (yesterday - Saturday 19th dec) won a bidding war on TradeMe for a traveller Renzetti ,and I picked it up and have used it with loving care. does anyone know much about these vises? I need to know how to take care of it, to keep it working properly and smoothly for a long long time as it wasn't cheap. Does it need oiling? etc any help would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance Jeanne
  3. I like it, I like it - great bait for a randy fush :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: But on a serious note here - it is really well crafted wouldn't mind it myself for the craftmanship thats gone into it. Jeanne
  4. Absolutely superb tying guys - they are just soooooooooo darn real looking! Maybe oneday i'll get to be as good as you all - and that's a BIG maybe! Jeanne
  5. Yes this would make a wonderful how-to, perfection is best taught from the masters Jeanne
  6. What a delightful fly, sweet lines and soft colour makes it a sure classic - great fly!!!! Jeanne
  7. Nice fly with soft but defining lines - a real classic! Well done indeed. :headbang: Jeanne
  8. nothing wrong with it at all, lookin pretty from where I'm sitting! great construction - looks good enough to cook in eat mmmmmm....... Jeanne
  9. Nice abdoman and wings though.... nice segmentation on the abdoman etc..... Jeanne
  10. Nice looking beetle dazzyed, real nice. jeanne
  11. Hi Leif - indeed welcome back....... now if I didn't know that these were flies I would head for the hill's already - big spiders tend to freak me out. i used to write nature and gardening articles and although I now find them fascinating creatures after all the research, I tend to give the biggies a wide berth! and these chaps look SOOOOOOOOOOOOO real *gulp* Well done. Did they take you long to create? did you do them from a picture or from the *shudder* real mcoy? Jeanne
  12. These sure are big Roach's, and so likelike! gee i would grunt a few expletives if I saw one close up too *hehehe* Good Tying British Mike Jeanne :headbang:
  13. This looks fantastic arkle, I like the crisp clean lines and I'm sure it will be a super success! well done indeed.... Jeanne
  14. Ulf - these are just so fantastic, they are the exquiste and so lifelike! well done indeed. Jeanne
  15. very, very nice Crayfish, looks really edible - dribble, dribble -- 'time for tea yet? hehehehe' :headbang: Jeanne
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